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Petcube Camera and Petcube Play

petcube play comparison for kittyo vs petcube at smartpettoysreview petcube_camera_kittyo-vs-petcube

As pet owners, we have a responsibility to make our pets happy and keep them from harm. But we also want to live our lives as fully as possible. Until five years ago, it wasn’t feasible to have both those things. We would either neglect our pets or, have to make compromises to our lifestyle.

But since Petcube and other startups have developed Smart Pet Toys, tens of thousands of active pet owners can stay in touch and play with their pets. All from a simple connected device at home and a smartphone app.

Now you can be part of this revolution for cheaper than ever.

Click Here to Save 20$ on Petcube PLay – Limited Time Holiday Discount Click Here to Save 50$ on Petcube Camera – Limited Time Holiday Discount

Coupon code: HOLIDAY2016 (if it’s not already added automatically)

This holiday season, your pet won’t have to sit at home alone. And you get to enjoy some playtime with your pet from the office or commute.

*Unfortunately this deal is not available for orders outside the US or Canada

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