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  • Designed by veterinary professionals.
  • Uses cat's natural instincts instead of fighting them
  • Natural and herbal reciped
  • Hundreds of positive reviews from happy cat owners.

If you are here, you have probably heard about Cat Spraying No More. And you might be wondering (just as I did), will this work for me?

Here’s the deal…

I now live in a clean house, with a happy cat, and that’s not all.

So let’s dive right in with an inside look at the full Cat Spraying No More Course, the bonuses, and my personal review.

Reviewing cat spraying no more

When I found Cat Spraying No More, I was about to give up on my cat.

Don’t get me wrong: I lovedcats since I got my first kitten at age 8. And, even though I wasn’t an expert, I felt I could handle pretty much any problem.

Cat peeing on the couchBut when Tommy, my beautiful American Shorthair, started spraying all over the living room (and bed!) all my usual methods failed.

I couldn’t leave the house without coming back to pee on the wall or floor!!

I tried every method I could find: vinegar, enzymatic cleaning spray, special carpet cleaner.

After spending hundreds of dollars, Tommy was still spraying on everything. My apartment smelled terrible, I couldn’t have friends over, and I was getting more and more angry with him.

But I loved that cat.

I felt excited but also a little cautious when I ordered Cat Spraying No More. What could Sarah Richards (the author) know that I was missing?

But only halfway through the material, I realized that I was basically forcing my cat to spray outside of the litter box.

Long story short, this system got my cat to stop spraying altogether.

On top of that, he is a much happier and healthier cat now. I didn’t need to neuter him or use anti-depressant drugs.

(And I am so happy to not have to live like a crazy cat lady, in a smelly house.)

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What’s Inside Cat Spraying No More?

The system consists of 11, short and easily readable, chapters covering every element of a cat’s spraying behavior.

Here’s a quick rundown.

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reviewing cat spraying no moreThe first chapter gets you introduced to some of the reasons why one tenth of the household cats is spraying.

A real eye-opener for me was:

It’s actually very hygienic from a cat’s point of view to spray somewhere in the room because it always gets cleaned up nicely.

It also covers why cat urine smells so bad and got me excited to learn the simple steps to get rid of spraying.

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Finding Out Why

Screenshot Chapter 2 of cat spraying no more
By nature, cats want to use the litter box because of the sandy/gravely surface. When they don’t, there has to be some problem.

Most advice never looks at identifying the cause. Instead you just get a method that worked for someone.

But every cat, and household, is different.

So Cat Spraying No More covers every possible cause:

  • Cats have personal feelings that are easy to miss but affect their behavior a lot
  • Medical issues can be the cause, and why you need to have a vet check it out
  • Interstitial cystitis or urinary tract infection.
  • They can have had traumatic experiences with litter boxes
  • Overall stress
  • Domination behavior
  • They can be trying to defend their territory.

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Basic Approach To Litter Box

The number #1 cause for spraying is your cat not liking its litter box. If you don’t deal with that, you will always be swimming upstream.

  • Cat’s have a well-developed sense of hygiene. The litter box needs to be as clean as possible.
  • They like their litter boxes shallow and wide, instead of deep and small.
  • A correct location is crucial. A lack of privacy and escape routes can make the litter box seem unattractive.

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Using A Cat’s Natural Instincts

Cat’s have strong instincts. If you don’t understand these, you might be fighting their natural urge, making it difficult and stressful for you and your cat.

However, knowing your cat’s natural instincts will let you create the change effortlessly  and without stress or struggle.

Here is a quick preview:

  • Freedom of choice
  • Cleanliness
  • Deference
  • Box types for different cats
  • Amount of Boxes
  • Traumatic events
  • Specific issues for long haired cats

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Stressed out cats can do strange things. And one of those is peeing or spraying. Recognizing stress its causes it can not only solve your spraying problem.

It allows you to help your cat with many other problems.

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How To Find The Offender, If You Have Multiple Cats?

Many people have multiple cats. And it can be a real pain to track down the culprit. Cat Spraying No More provides two straightforward and effective methods:

  • An easy way to identify pee.
  • Alternately isolating cats

large group of guilty cats

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Medical Issues

Sometimes the spraying can’t be fixed with just behavioral methods. The author uses her experience, as an SPCA veterinary technician, to give advice on medical issues.

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More Real Live Examples From The Author

After all the theory and techniques, you get an inside look at how the author has been dealing with her own cats.

Why does this matter?

  • Real life experiences give you a better view of how to combine and test different methods.
  • More examples just make it easier to understand.

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Detailed Methods To Stop Your Cat

Most of Cat Spraying No More is focused on a positive approach to stimulating and unblocking use of the litter box.

But sometimes you need to also work from the other angle. This chapter gives an overview of techniques for deterrence.

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Herbal and Natural Remedies

screenshot of chapter 10 of cat spraying no more

You probably already knew that cats are creatures of habit.

Even when the cause of their behavior is gone they can still continue doing it.

That’s why Cat Spraying No More provides a whole range of easy tricks and recipes that give that extra push in the right direction. These are all natural and don’t cause extra stress, as some chemicals do.

Repelling herbal recipes

  • Catnip can be utilized very effectively as a distraction.
  • Coleus Canina is also known as a cat repellent plant.
  • Rue is also effective at repelling.
  • Lavender and Rosemary, mixed in the right proportions, will steer your cat in the right direction.
  • Combining Lemongrass with Eucalyptus
  • Vinegar is a great base for making your own cat urine soap.

Attracting cats to the litter box

Herbs can be used to deter as well as attract. By mixing these herbs with the litter gravel, your cat will find the litter box irresistible.

  • Heather
  • Barley
  • Wheatgrass
  • Flax
  • other herbs

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This chapter gives you an easy to remember summary. It also gives you a very important lesson on what not to do.

Screenshot of chapter 11 of cat spraying no more

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(Free) Bonuses

Cat Training Bible

Screenshot of cat training bible frontHave you ever thought about training your cat?

I never did.

But it’s a lot more fun than I could have imagined. This book has dozens of clear and simple methods to start training your cat. Just a few of the topics are:

  • How to know which cat is trainable and which not.
  • Behavioral training
  • Toilet training
  • Door training
  • Playing or Fighting
  • Which collars to use
  • Training your for bad weather
  • Which supplies to use
  • Clicker training
  • Reducing Meowing
  • Holiday training
  • House training
  • Leash Training
  • Training kittens
  • Getting a cat to listen to you
  • Training for vacations
  • Training for grooming
  • Stop chewing on dangerous objects
  • Getting accustomed to new environments
  • Doing tricks
  • Training to use the scratching post
  • Getting used to a new family member
  • Stopping furniture scratching
  • Training for pet carrier transport
  • Training for going to the vet
  • Training for hyperactive cats

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Cat Care Blueprint

Screenshot of cat training bible blueprintThis book gives a very thorough basis for taking the best care of your cat. You may already know some of it, but I definitely found a lot of nuggets.

Medical Recorder Software

I am unable to review this for you; it only works on windows. To be honest, I have been getting along very well with a spreadsheet. But this depends on preference. One of my friends likes it a lot.

101 Recipes For A Healthy Cat

Screenshot of 101 recipes for a healthy catMore recipes for food are always good! Always coming up with new food seems the only way to keep my fussy felines happy.

The best ones (in my opinion):

  • Baking soda dry shampoo
  • Better than grass salad
  • Diets for kidney problems
  • “Ham it up” cat treats
  • Kitty biscuits

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I have tried a lot of advice to stop my cats from spraying. Maybe it was correct, maybe not.

But it wasn’t enough to change my cat’s behavior.

Not all the information in Cat Spraying No More is going to be completely new to you. At least it wasn’t for me. But combining the right information and methods together really did the trick for me.

As with many things in life, doing half the work doesn’t get you half the result. It gets you none of the results.

And that is what makes Cat Spraying No More System so good. You get everything you need to stop your cat from spraying. And because you use the cat’s natural instincts, it makes him/her happier and healthier too.

The bonuses provide a lot of extra value. The training bible taught me a lot about felines, and the recipes have led to a lot of purring.

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9.4 Total Score
Great Solution

Cat Spraying No More covers all aspects of the spraying problem

Easy To Use
Background Information
Practical Tips
Value For Money
  • Designed by veterinary professionals.
  • Uses cat's natural instincts instead of fighting them
  • Natural and herbal reciped
  • Hundreds of positive reviews from happy cat owners.
  • Pet medical recorder doesn't work on Mac OS X
  • Might not work for 100% of cats
  • More schematics and drawing could increase clarity of the information
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Hi, I am Helen. I have a 4 year old son and we both love cats. My parents never liked cats so I had to wait until I was 18. But I made up for it:) My other passion is writing, and I do it whenever I can (which is not often).

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