Sorry to hear that you are having a spraying problem with your cat. It’s one of the biggest reasons for animal cruelty against cats, but it doesn’t have to be!

When my cat started spraying, it was a terrible time for both him and us. Find out how the methods and recipes from Cat Spraying No More helped us to cure this problem for good.

And not just with Tommy. A couple of years later we could quickly intervene when our adolescent cat began to pee outside the litter box.


Why Does A Cat Spray?

kittens in litter box.There can be many reasons why a cat would spray. Sometimes it starts after moving to a new house, or changes in the family. Sometimes bringing a new cat in the house, or at the neighbors can set it off.

But once the problem is there, it usually doesn’t go away. Cats are creatures of habit, and they only change if they have to. But cat spraying can be solved with the right methods, and success often comes down to getting the details right.

When Bobby, my American Shorthair, moved with us to a new house in another town, he started spraying badly. Maybe he was scared or anxious. Maybe the new house smelled of another cat.

Anyway, almost no day went by without finding a bunch of cat pee somewhere. We tried to keep an eye on him, but that was hard to keep up. And whenever we lost sight, he would be spraying somewhere.

None of my friends had any idea what to do, so I looked online. After trying a few different methods from Youtube, I decided to invest in a more comprehensive solution. At least that was what Cat Spraying No More promised.

The Cat Spraying No More System

Signing up was easy enough, and you get immediate access to all the materials and bonuses. There is a lot of reading material from a SPCA veterinary technician and cat behavior specialist.

After reading the background information, we wanted to start. So we began by moving the litter box to a better location. I never knew this, but cats are very picky about where to go to the restroom. Not unlike humans, I guess.

The herbal recipes are supposed to deter a cat from peeing in some locations. Needless to say, we were a little skeptical at that point. But in that position, you want to try anything. So we followed the instruction as exact as we could.

How Did It WorK?

It wasn’t for a couple of days until the Cat Spraying No More methods started taking effect. I guess you need the combined power of stimulating the right place and deterring the wrong places for peeing.

But after about five weeks and a few more changes, Tommy stopped spraying altogether. And he seemed a more relaxed cat too. He became more playful and sought attention. And we liked that a lot.

Tommy, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 18. But we got to try the Cat Spraying No More program again, a few years later.

our latest kittenOur new kitten came from an abandoned litter that was rescued by the local pet chapter. When he was small, he was doing fine and using the litter box.

After a year, we started finding cat spray now and then. But this time we didn’t need to look too far for the solution.

We made the necessary changes and quickly turned things around. Thanks to Cat Spraying No More, he has been behaving like a model cat for the last two years. And that is not always easy, with kittens that were abandoned.

Our neighborhood friends had a problem with three-year-old Persian. We advised them to try Cat Spraying No More, and theirs stopped in two weeks.


Cat spraying is a serious problem that can happen to any cat owner. But for our two cats and our friend’s, the Cat Spraying No More method solved it quickly and permanently

It also made our cats more relaxed and playful because their stress level is a lot lower now.

If your cat has a spraying or peeing problem and you are looking for a solution, give Cat Spraying No More a try. (there is a 30-day money back guarantee)

Whether you choose to believe me or not, get help somewhere. This problem is not going away unless you do something about it.

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