If your cat is spraying your house or not using the litter box, I feel for you! My grey British Shorthair (Tommy) was doing it for a year, and it was one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had. But don’t give up hope, it can be solved and sooner than you think. This is how I did it.

Whenever I would come home, I would feel my heart sinking, and I would go through the house sniffing for that #(*$%)# smell. More often than not I needed to spend half an hour cleaning cat spray from the carpet or couch. And the next day, the story would just repeat itself.

One of the worst moments I remember is when I came home, with my boyfriend, after a great night out. Our happiness and excitement with the evening were immediately gone when we discovered the pee on the sheets and pillow! I was so angry I had to walk outside before I could even start cleaning. It completely ruined our evening.

Even with powerful and expensive cleaning products, my house was smelling weird, and it made me reluctant to invite people over. I hate to admit it, but I was seriously wondering if keeping Tommy was worth it.

So one day desperately searching for a solution, I found a course called Cat Spraying No more. It claimed to:

  • Completely and permanently stop your cat from peeing outside of the litter box
  • Improve your cat’s happiness and behavior

I was afraid that it would be another waste of money with extraordinary claims. That was until I say it was designed by a SPCA veterinary technician called Sarah Richards. And she worked together with a SPCA cat behavior specialist. Considering my situation, I decided to give this system a try.

My Review

After going to the website and buying the program, I got immediate access. All the modules are easily organized and clearly laid out with videos and pictures. Cat Spraying No More comes with a few bonuses that any cat owner will enjoy.

  • I especially liked the “recipes for a healthy cat” because I think there are too many overweight and badly fed cats around.
  • The software for tracking your cat’s medical history isn’t bad, but I prefer to use a spreadsheet that I can store online. It can be very useful though.

How is this system going to work?

Cat Spraying No More aims to attack the problem from multiple angles:

  • Understanding why cats spray or pee
  • How cats are affected by stress and how they try to cope with it.
  • What I did wrong when I set up the litter box.
  • Five different herbal recipes to get your cat to use the litter box.

Step 1 – A different approach

Tommy really didn't like his litter boxThe videos and articles gave me a very clear understanding of why my cat was spraying, and how I was part of the problem. One of the mistakes I made was trying to change Tommy’s behavior with punishment.

Because Tommy was spraying out of stress, I was making the problem worse. He only got more stressed and would continue to spray whenever he could. We were caught in a downward spiral!

Two days after I stopped punishing him, I started noticing that he was becoming more affectionate. He was still apprehensive but it was the beginning of change.

Step 2 – Bring On The Chemistry.

herbal mixture to stop your cat peeing in the wrong placesNow worries, I didn’t use any harmful chemicals. I meant using chemistry to influence a cat. Cats are very sensitive to smells, we all know how powerfully they respond to catnip. It turns out that you can affect your cat, just by spreading the right smells in the right areas. The clear and straightforward recipes that come with Cat Spraying No More use only natural ingredients that are easily available.

Simple things usually work the best though. And that was the case here too. Tommy’s behavior changed right away when I marked the area’s he should never pee. When I got home after work, that Monday, was the first day I didn’t find anything. Then I started to get some hope that this might actually work.

Step 3 – Setting up the house right

The placement of the litter box is critical to your cat using it. What I didn’t realize is that I had already started the spraying problem when placed the litter box. I didn’t understand how a cat organizes its territory (my house). So I set the box where it was easiest for me, not knowing that I was forcing Tommy to start spraying in the house. Instinct is stronger than temporary punishment

Luckily, we can harness these natural instincts for good too, if we understand how they work. With the right information, finding a better placement was easy enough, and now he is naturally driven to use it.

Step 4 – Enjoying the Rewards.

After 10 days, Tommy stopped spraying for good. I still needed a few weeks to trust him again entirely. But now I can unlock the door without fear because I know the cat’s always using the litter box.

My house smells good again because there is no more cat pee soaked in the carpets and hiding in the corners.

Tommy the cat happily chlling on the couch with meI could go back to using regular (cheap) cleaning products, and I haven’t had to buy any new pillows. I think this has saved me several hundred dollars in the last year alone. My carpets will last a lot longer because they’re not subjected to cat pee and aggressive cleaning products anymore.

Tommy is a lot happier, now that I am no longer chasing him. He always comes to enjoy my company when I am watching TV. It’s very clear that he is less stressed and anxious because he only rarely did this.


Cat Spraying No More helped so much! I could keep Tommy and he is a happier cat now.

It’s amazing how one problem can create many other problems. I didn’t notice how much I was unhappy because of the problems with Tommy. But once he was doing better, I could go out feeling relaxed and come back to a happy cat.

If you love your cat and have a spraying problem, get this program now!

Whether you choose this solution or not, get help somewhere. This problem is not going away and it’s ruining both your life and your cat’s.


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