There can be many reasons that cause a cat to spray. Or to pee outside the litter box. It can start after moving to a new house or with a kitty from the shelter. Or sometimes cats just don’t want to pee inside the litter box from birth for no apparent reason.

What is certain is that it is incredibly frustrating. We love our cats and want nothing but the best for them, but having our houses smell like a giant litterbox is too big of a price to pay. Plus, having to clean up the same areas over and over again, sometimes right next to the litter box, cannot be the reason why we get ourselves a cat.

Cat Spraying No More Introduction

But it looks like there is a solution. But it looks like there is a solution. An ASPCA Veterinary Technician has developed a system aimed at stopping cats from peeing and spraying outside the litter box. It’s called “Cat spraying no more” and claims to do the following:

Understand why your cat sprays or pees – What the biological reasons are for you cat to spray. And how stress and anxiety cause your cat to not use the litter box anymore.

How not to deal with the cat spraying problem – This is important because many cat owners make the problem worse when they try to cure it.

Using the cat’s instincts to make it want to pee in the right place – Cat’s are creatures of habit and instinct. When you take advantage of that in the right way, they will want to pee or spray in the litter box no matter what. Knowing how to use this gives a lot of power over the behavior of your cat.

Using herbal remedies to stop the cat from spraying in specific places –  We all know the effect that herbs can have on cats once we have seen what catnip can do. Using herbs provides a natural and harmless way to influence your cat.

Let’s find out if it works

cat spraying no more test subject Tommy
Test subject Tommy

Cat Spraying No More seems like the one do-it-all kit for dealing with cat spraying problems, so we wanted to put it to the test ourselves. One of our cats (Tommy) has been peeing everywhere since we got it from our neighbors that emigrated. Because we couldn’t solve it and needed to protect our house, he is now sleeping in the garage. (No worries, it’s a big garage and he can go outside.)

But we can’t have him in the house with our other cat. We decided to get the Cat Spraying No More system and put it to the test. Here is the story of what happened to Tommy

Day 1: Ordering and orienting – We ordered Cat Spaying No More online and immediately received our access information by email. The whole course is accessible online and has a lot of bonus information. As we were digging through the material, we quickly started to see how Tommy was likely suffering from anxiety caused by our older cat.

Day 2: Implementing the strategies – Once we understood what was going on for Tommy it was easy to see how to tackle this problem. The instructions and methods are all very detailed, and we had little issue implementing them.

Day 5: Things are starting to change – All the time Tommy had still been spraying in the garage, and it was quite a nasty place now. We didn’t use that garage, so it wasn’t really a problem. But to find out if the methods were working we needed to bring Tommy into the house. I can still remember the first morning I came downstairs and was looking everywhere for that tell-tale wetness and awful smell. But there was nothing to be found.

Day 8; Small Adjustments – One afternoon, coming back from work, we discovered that Tommy sprayed again in the kitchen. We quickly used the herbal remedy to discourage him from doing this again and it worked right away. Both our cats can stay in the house now without any problems. And I feel reassured by the fact that if it would ever return again, I will know exactly what to do about it.


Cat spaying no more has helped us out so much. We went from a livable, but far from ideal situation, to pretty much as good as it gets. Both cats can live in the house and use the litter box without any problems. If we ever get a new cat, we know exactly how to deal with any spraying or litter problems. And on top of that, we have started to do some of the bonus cat training on our o

ther cat. I never knew that it is possible to have your cat do tricks on command.

Cat Spraying No More comes with a 60-day money back guarantee in case it doesn’t work for your cat. And they say it can happen that it doesn’t work. Cats are animals after all, not machines, so there can be circumstances where it doesn’t work. There is no risk though because you will just get your money back.

Does it Work?
Value for Money
Ease of Use / Clarity of instructions
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