Can Petchatz Help With Pet Separation Anxiety?

Can Petchatz Help With Pet Separation Anxiety?

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Anser Innovation has introduced a new pet-cam with unique installation and features: PetChatz. This is a luxury pet cam with a host of unique features. It may come with a bit of a higher price tag than other treat dispenser cams, but the forward thinking approach behind the product and high-quality construction helps alleviate any qualms about throwing down a little extra.


video calling with your cat through petchatz Even from the first moment we opened the box, it was evident that this is a high-quality product. PetChatz taps right into the same feeling that you get when you open the latest high-end electronic gadget. There’s always a great feeling when diving into something new, but it can swiftly be deflated if anything feels “off” upon opening. We didn’t have any of that. There’s a wonderfully cushy and thick piece of foam protecting the product, making sure it gets to you in one piece and all the parts and extra’s came packed neatly.

The front looks quite a bit like a tablet or other handheld personal device. You’ll notice that it can also be wall mounted, meaning you won’t have to worry about your dogs knocking it over, chewing on it, or damaging it otherwise. What caught our eye immediately was the short (8 inches or so) power cord. It is designed to be wall mounted over a power outlet, where a long cord would only be a hindrance. If you want to use it in any other place, you will need an extension cord.

Besides the unit itself and the power adapter, you’ll also receive a calming scent oil, scent pads, treats, and a comprehensive user manual.

Setting up the PetChatz

petchatz installingAs mentioned before, the unit is designed to be wall mounted, but you’ll also have the option of mounting it inside of a kennel. People that have to crate their pet when away will probably need this. With a two-way video feed, you might even be able to ween them off of the kennel altogether.
Wherever you install the unit, you’ll need a screwdriver handy since the back panel is made to screw into a flat surface. It’s probably a good idea to turn off power to the wall you’re installing to at the breaker with a wall mounted installation. It’s always best to be safe! From there, it’s simply a matter of plugging the PetChatz in, attaching it, and turning it on. The rest of the setup happens through the iPhone app or website. Here you can create alerts and recording when the motion sensors detect something. We had it go off once when our dog was barking like crazy to somebody who was knocking on the door for over 10 minutes. It’s good to be alerted in these cases; you never know what intentions they may have.


The Petchatz is designed to let you interact with your pet in a couple of unique ways.

Two-way video streaming

Petchatz calling pet ownerThis is the only smart pet toy that lets your dog see you while you are talking, or dispensing treats. On the front of the device sits an HD screen that shows the video from your smartphone selfie camera. Your pet now has a face as well as a voice to keep him company. We tested the quality of the screen by having one of us stay at home (crouched on the floor:) and talking to the other who was at work. The video and sound are fast and without hiccups, allowing for a smooth conversation.

HD video quality

The camera in the Petchatz records at 1080P and catches a good amount of light. It gives a very clear picture of your room and pets. A common problem with high-quality video is that it takes a lot of bandwidth and can lead to slow or interrupted streaming. With a standard Wifi (2.4 Ghz) and basic internet subscription (30Mbit/s), we never experienced any problems. Without 4G or LTE on the smartphone, it doesn’t work.

Sound quality

Sound quality is crisp and clear. Both the microphone and speaker system are of high quality and allowed us to hear what was going on in the room.

Web Interface and Smartphone App

The Petchatz camera on the wall is only part of the system. Just as important is how we are going to access it. Petchatz has an app that is only available for IOS and a web interface on their website. We used the app on our iPhone most of the time. And it works very well. The interface is straightforward and intuitive, and it never crashed on us. It’s a new experience to be sitting in a train, talking to your dog. Best try it first when there are not too many people around:)

Treat Dispenser

Petchatz uses a replaceable container to hold the treats inside. You can buy the containers with matching cookies from them, or make you own that fit inside. While the container does mean that you need either Petchatz cookies, or make matching ones, it does keep the inside very clean. And it means that you can quickly insert a new container without having to load the cookies one by one.
The supplied treats are not too bad (according to our dog) and have only natural ingredients. This is always a good thing, and they are available through Petchatz online store

Calming scent system

Our pets have much more sensitive noses than we do. That is why Petchatz chose to equip their Smart Pet Toy with a scent dispenser.  It works with scented oil that is absorbed by a pad. The oil evaporates and fills the room with the scent for several hours. In the packaging are ten pads and a little bottle of oil. Our dog seemed more relaxed on the days that we tried it, but it’s a little hard to measure. If you have a more clear experience with this, please let us know in the comments. It’s something that nobody tried before (that we know of), and we’d love to know how good it is.

Additional Paw Call

The Petchatz can be extended with Paw Call. This allows your dog or cat to call you. Check out our article on the Paw call.

The verdict

Petchatz has created a unique product that keeps you in touch with your pet from anywhere in the world. It has a two-way video with very high quality, good sound, and a good treat dispenser. Treats will need to fit in the container and setup takes a bit more time. It has a sturdy, pet-safe design. If you want to have fun or keep your pet company on lonely days, then you need to consider the Petchatz HD pet camera

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