If you have one or more cats and are looking for a Smart Pet Toy, then both of these interactive cat cameras can be a great choice. But if you want to get the best bang for your buck, you need to consider a few crucial differences. Let’s compare them side by side.

Main features of Kittyo vs Petcube

Kittyo Petcube Play
comparing kittyo vs petcube at smart pet toys review petcube play comparison for kittyo vs petcube at smartpettoysreview
Main Features
  • Moveable laser pointer
  • Treat dispenser (8 treat magazine)
Shape And Dimensions Cylindrical, 5" diam, 9" high Cubical, 3" x 3" x 3"
Camera 720P, no viewing angle specified 1080P, 138 Deg, night vision
Audio 2-way 2-way
Home Security Functionality Unknown Alerts when major activity is detected
MSRP $249.00 $199.00
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If you want an all-in-one device, then Kittyo is the best option. It combines everything you need to play and throw treats at your cat in one housing. It works well, is durable and easy to use.

The Petcube Play is the best choice for pet owners that want the highest resolution camera and the option to add a treat dispenser at a later moment. The combination will be more expensive but also offers the benefit of placing both devices at different places.

Feature: Video Camera

The camera is the most crucial part of a Smart Pet Toy. A bad camera will make any other function a lot less valuable. And a good camera does not just have to perform under ideal lighting conditions; it has to work well in our homes where it’s often darker than outside. Kittyo uses a 720P camera without night vision. Petcube Play uses a 1080P camera with night vision.

A higher resolution of the camera is not always better. Particularly for people that will be using their smart pet toys through cellular networks. The higher the resolution, the more data will be used. Having a camera with night vision is a definitive advantage when you leave the house at night or in winter. We don’t want to always leave the lights on at home in case we decide to check on our cat.

Feature: Laser Pointer

The laser pointer is going to be the biggest reasons why we are looking at these two devices. With this, we want to send our cat jumping through the living room. Both Smart Pet Toys have a laser pointer, and they are very close in performance and features.

  • Both will let you give your cat a regular workout from your phone.
  • Both will let you record its crazy moves and easily share them on social media.

Feature: Treat Dispenser

One of the ways that we spoil our cats is with treats. They are powerless against their favorite cookie or piece of food. So it’s a cool idea to be able to treat you cat from a distance and see how they enjoy it. Kittyo was the only device to feature a steerable laser pointer and treat dispenser when the project started. But that was over two years ago.

Now Petcube is working on separate treat dispenser that can integrate with the Play. Of course, having two separate devices is more expensive and requires communication between them. But it also allows you to place the treat dispenser in a different location than the camera.

And in general, it’s better to place the camera and laser pointer in a higher position. The treat dispenser (called Bites) is available for pre-order, so we can’t say much about it yet.

Feature: Home Security Functionality

Petcube is equipping their Smart Pet Cameras with a function for home security. When the device detects a lot of activity, it will send you a sound or visual alert on your smartphone. You can’t use it as a complete home security system because it only watches part of your living room. But it’s a nice feature that can also detect when your pets are going crazy or destroying the furniture. It can allow you to intervene with the audio system and break the habit, which is otherwise very difficult.

The Story Behind Kittyo

DetailsFrontSide_highKittyo is a web-connected device that you can use to play, talk, or watch your cat while away. In addition, you can use it to dispense treats. It is being developed and built by Lee Miller. He has been looking for a better way to interact with our pets for years. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, there was enough funding to make it a reality

The first products were shipped to early adopters in spring of 2016 and many people have had a great time with their cats. Since then it as been continuously improved and is a mature product now.

Kittyo smartphone interface


Setup is easy because all you have to do is set-up your user account with your Wi-Fi password. After this, you can interact with your cat remotely via the app. To make things easier, the UI is as clean as possible.


The Story Behind Petcube

Petcube with catPetcube could be called the most succesful interactive pet camera to date. The cute box with moveable laser pointer was introduced at the end of 2014 at CES. Since then many people have used the original to play with their cats and dogs from anywhere. In early 2016 they introduced the updated version called Play and a treat dispensing extension called Bites.

Petcube smartphone interface


Setup is very similar to the Kittyo. You download the app, connect the device to your Wifi and are ready to get started. First you use the smartphone app to connect directly to the device. Then you select your preferred network, login information and options you would like. After this you can access your camera and laser pointer from anywhere and start having fun.



Kittyo and Petcube are both web-connected smart devices that you can use to monitor, play with, and talk to your cat remotely. They also come with apps that support functionalities such as dispensing treats and recording pet videos. The main differences are:

  • Kittyo has a treat dispenser and Petcube Play has not. This can be a critical feature to get your cat to be become and stay focused on the device.
  • Kittyo can attract your cat with noises and lights.
  • Petcube Play has the best camera, both in resolution and night vision.
  • Petcube Play with Petcube Bites will give you the ability to dispense treats and play with the laser, but will be a lot more expensive than Kittyo.
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Why Use A Pet Camera?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Americans keep 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats as pets. Other types of pets include birds, tortoises, lizards, fish, and even snakes. However, many people leave their pets unattended at home to go to work or run errands.

Our pets don’t like to be alone any more than humans do. So they aren’t happy when we leave them alone at home or go out or to work. We can’t just give them the keys to the house and let them walk around in the city either. So does that mean that people with busy jobs can’t have pets? No, a new breed of connected devices has come to the rescue. These innovative devices allow us to stay in touch and play with our pets from anywhere through WiFi and smartphone apps.


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