Reviewing The Shru Cat Companion

When we give our cats a new toy, they usually get bored with it in a couple of days. Or when we didn’t get it quite right, they look at it and walk away with complete arrogance.
So we end up having to buy or make endless toys to keep our fussy cats happy.
The Shru cat toy looks to change all this in a very elegant way. Cats are obsessed with small animals and insects. It seems that they just have to chase them. Shru has created an egg-shaped automatic toy that uses that instinct.

What does it do?

shru-smart-cat-toy-comparedThe big white egg is motorized and moves around on the floor. It works on medium thick carpets without any problem. The programming inside the Shru cat toy runs it in an erratic way, shakes and make sounds. It is designed to mimic the movement of mice and other small animals. When your cat starts to play with it, the Shru adapts and tries to escape. It also detects obstacles and changes direction. A flapping tail makes the toy even more interesting for your cat

You can configure the toy to play for a certain amount of minutes every hour. So that when you are away from home the Shru plays with your cat regularly and keeps him/her healthy. Obesity is the biggest health problem among pets, these days. Creating an automated playmate to keep him or her company during the long hours that you are away from home.

Installation and setup

Installing the Shru cat toy was very simple. All we had to do is charge the device and turn it on, with the silver touch button. After placing it on the floor, we could sit back and enjoy our cat’s crazy moves.
A small application from Shru’s website allows for the settings to be changed. It comes in a Mac and Windows version and requires a USB cable between cat toy and laptop. There are settings for length of playtime, frequency, and type of sounds. This makes it possible to adjust to your cat’s preferences.


The design of the Shru is great. Well, some people may find it too simple. But I love how the simple shape makes it both harmless to your cat and move in this wiggly way. When combined with the software it creates a very cool movement around the floor.


A USB cable charges the device. It works with any phone charger or computer USB connection. Charging takes just a couple of hours and lasts for almost a week. The electronics inside must be very efficient.


Configuration through the Mac or Windows program was very easy. Although the number of options is not that large, it was sufficient to adjust it to our cat.

Exchangeable tail

The tail of the Shru is replaceable. There are several variations in color, size, and material available. You can find the tails that your cat likes most and get the most out of the device. The feathery tails wear through repeated biting and pawing while the leather and springy mesh are more durable. But then: feathers, right?

Tech Specs and requirements

  • size: 3 inches long by 2 inches diameter
  • 5V charging supply
  • Mac or Windows computer for configuration
  • Some free space on the floor to move around


Strong Points Weak Points
  • fully automatic toy for your cat - works when you are away or want to do something else
  • Exchangeable tail allows you to keep it interesting
  • Safe shape so your cat cannot hurt itself
  • Long lasting battery
  • Configurable by any computer with different play modes
  • Doesn’t move too well on really high carpets.
  • Can fall down stairs if there is nothing to stop it.
Final Verdict Highly recommended Find The Best Price Here
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