Petcube is a cool new gadget that let’s you monitor your house from a distance. On top of that it allows you to direct a laser pointer to play with your pet and talk/listen to it. Now you may have see some YouTube movies of cats going crazy after the laser dot. If you haven’t then I can highly recommend it. There is something about pets that just makes us feel good. But if you have one or more dogs like me, then. you might be wondering:

Should you get your dog a Petcube?

That is a good question to ask, because the Petcube is not free. But then again, if it truly makes the life of your dog better? Let’s look at 3 things to consider. We also have a full review of Petcube Play if you want to learn everything about the device.

1. Petcube is Primarily a Camera System

Pet camera’s are one of the latest developments in pet tech. I still think it basically started by all the online video’s of cats and puppies making people laugh and get millions of views. They all work by having a video camera connected to your WiFi or home network. An app or website allows you to access the video stream from the camera in real time so you get to see everything that is going on in your house.

Most of the camera’s can be set to automatically record when they detect movement so you get to see all the eventful things that happened in your house. This means they can also detect burglary or vandalism. Which is absolutely great considering the amount of houses that get robbed nowadays. But if you have a dog, the chance of people breaking into your house is already greatly reduced.

2. Is your dog interested in the laser pointer?

This is a genius idea. I can’t believe that I didn’t think of it myself. Most cat’s go nuts when they see a laser pointer. I used to drive my neighbors cat crazy with it, brings back good memories. If I had a cat that would act like that, I would get one right away. Any day at the office would become hilarious by logging in and giving my cat a little workout.

Not every pet is the same though. And some dogs are not too captivated by laser pointers. I have seen a few that react very well. They just can’t get enough. If yours is like this and you want to have some fun then the Petcube is for you. Plus you get all the benefits of having a great camera in your house. So you can finally find out which of your two dogs raids the garbage can:).

If your dog has no interest in a laser pointer, take a look at some of the best dog toys for 2019. I am sure you will find something to entertain him/her.

It’s real easy to test too. Just buy the cheapest laser pointer that  you can find and try it out. You might even have one lying around.

3. How does your dog respond to your voice without you around.

Another  key feature of the Petcube is the two way audio system. This means that  you can talk to your pet from anywhere you have internet. And you can  hear any sounds in your house. This can be a very helpful feature to  calm down cats or dogs that are stressed. Or to reprimand your dog when  it is breaking or chewing stuff in your house. You will have to be  paying some attention to your phone to catch them in the act. But most  people check their phone often enough.

Some dogs don’t obey their owner’s voice from a speaker. Maybe it’s  harder to recognize the voice or they are just too smart to be fooled by  a talking cube:). You can easily test it with a mobile phone on  speaker/ hands free setting. See our Facebook page for more posts about how dogs respond to voice commands.

Some stressed and nervous dogs can really be soothed by hearing your  voice. For these poor guys it would be great to get a Petcube. It’s a  win win situation. You get to enjoy some relaxing time and your dogs  feel comforted and cared for at home.


So what about getting a Petcube as one of your next interactive dog toys?

In most cases you will be very satisfied. Even if your dog is not  that much into laser pointers, you can stil enjoy the benefits of a  great wide angle camera, two way audio and a very cool design. If your  dog has a thing for laser pointers than it would be almost a shame to  deprive him/her of that. Cause you can turn all those hours apart into  never-ending play time.