Some pets seem to have figured out exactly how to work humans. My friend’s dog (strangely named Bert) is one of those. He has my friend going from pet store to pet store, at least once a week, to get him the latest toys and treats. We all make fun of her, saying that when Bert cracks his whip (puppy eyes), she is running to a pet store.

Bert helped us review the barkbox subscription box

So when I heard of Barkbox, the subscription box for dogs, I immediately thought of her.

Subscription boxes have been around for some years now.

They surprise people with all kinds of monthly goodies, from food and wine to gadgets and books. It’s a pretty nice idea to introduce them to pets, and especially dogs.

Dogs require a constant supply of treats and toys to stay healthy and happy. Instead of having to go to the pet store every time, and having to decide what to get this time, a team of experts is picking the best stuff and sends it directly to our door. So you get to use your valuable time with your dog. In our busy times right now, it’s more important than ever to spend real time with our pets.

Our Test

Test dog at workSo since we had access to Bert, the world’s pickiest dog, we decided to subscribe to Barkbox Just Right (medium) for four months and see what would happen. According to their website, Barkbox will include two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew, every month.

One thing that we liked about Barkbox is that they chose to create monthly themes instead of randomly combining a bunch of stuff. Every month it’s exciting to find out what the theme is going to be. We loved the excitement of opening the box and discovering the new theme.

Month 1

For our first month, the theme was “Home for the Holidays,” because of Thanksgiving. When we opened the box, there were a lot of things inside;

  • Bark & Co Single Roll Poop Bag
  • Pipsqueak Pup Chicken Jerky
  • Plush Turkey Toy
  • Lick The Chef Apron
  • Nature’s Bits Turpumpkin Treats
  • Pig Ear Chew

The value of these items combined is around $40, which is a lot more than the price of the subscription.

So we tested all these things on Bert during the month. Some of these things we have seen around the local pet store, but many are entirely new. The only thing that Bert didn’t take to was the apron. Some dogs are used to being dressed up, and some are not. Bert is one of the latter kind and doesn’t like anything other than his collar on him.
So there was no need to go to the pet store this month. And Bert was pretty happy, except when he was made to wear an apron:)

Month 2

After the success of the first month, we were excited to see what would arrive now. This time the theme was “Lodge Life”. When we opened the box, Bert was paying close attention.

  • Stella the Snow Bunny
  • Hugo’s Hot Cocoa
  • Duck Party Platter
  • Nice Jerky Bites Chicken and Duck
  • Dynamo Butcher’s Block Beef Chew

Again the value of all the items combined was around $40, which makes it a great deal, depending on how your dog responds to the contents. Bert mostly appreciated these months contents. He enjoyed the treats, which were all gone after the first week.
He is however very picky when it comes to plush toys. The snow bunny was a favorite, but the cup of chocolate not. I guess Bert is more of a coffee kind of guy.

Month 3

This month’s theme turned out to be “Pup in the Air”. Let’s see what gifts we are getting this time. We are becoming used to this excitement at the beginning of the month.

  • Snack Rings with Lamb & Cheddar
  • Squeakin on a Jet Plane Toy
  • Crunchy Duck Chew
  • Suitcase Toy
  • Farm Fresh Chicken, Pea, Kale & Quinoa

These treats are not only delicious, at least to our dog, they are also very healthy. Barkbox makes sure always to use treats that have only natural ingredients, and most are also from 100% organic origins. I think it’s every pet owner’s duty to make sure that their pets get only healthy and safe food. Dogs cannot read the ingredients list and just have to trust us to give them good food.

Month 4

Another month, another theme. Whoohooo!!. This time it’s Sniffin Safari. So far these themes have been an excellent way to start the month, there is always something funny to be found. Let’s see what the box holds.

  • Lamb and Sweet Potato Trainers
  • Koha Pork Jerky Bites
  • Chewfasa The Lion
  • Butcher’s Block Krunchie Tubes
  • Dr. Licking Stone Plush toy

Bert was euphoric this month. The treats were very much appreciated, and the toys were great too. The lion toy was his favorite, probably because it’s a Felida (of cat family). Bert has very strong feelings about cats:)


Our dog was rated barkbox very highlySo how did our little experiment go?

  • My friend has only been to the pet store twice during these four months, to pick up regular food.
  • We have discovered some great toys and treats, which we never knew before. And that we probably wouldn’t have bought from the store.
  • Bert has had a ball during these months. I think he is starting to see the pattern because he is spending a lot of time at the door around the beginning of the month
  • With an average value of $40 per month and a maximum price of $29 we saved 25% on pet toys, per month.


If you have one or more dogs with an appetite for treats and toys, then Barkbox might just be a great option for you.

BarkBox Promotion: Get A Free Toy With Our Coupon Code

Get free free toys and treats delivered straight to your door, every month. Your dog will be playing with new toys and eating healthy snack without ever having to go to the pet store.

6.5 Total Score
Monthly Fun For Every Dog

Dog friendly
  • High quality
  • All natural and Non-GMO food and treats to protect your dog's health.
  • Price of box is lower than separate toys.
  • No need for regular visits to pet store
  • Themed boxes let you discover toys you'd probably never buy yourself
  • Selected by dog experts
  • Sometimes contents don't match with dog
User Rating: 2 (2 votes)

I have loved pets ever since I was four and my parents got a dog. Since then, I have had a few dogs and one cat. One thing that was always difficult is combining my pet’s needs with my job and social life. Sitting at home (alone) is not good for them, they either become lethargic or anxious.

When I first heard of the pet cameras and smart pet toys, I was instantly fascinated. As an engineer, I could see how this technology was going to help people around the world. And I wanted to be part of that development by testing and writing about it.

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    Melissa March 8, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Howlooo Kwinten! Thank you furry much for reviewing BarkBox 🙂 We are so glad to hear that you and your pupper love our monthly themes and goodies! We also know that all pups have their own preferences and what makes one jump for joy, may leave another hanging their head – and that’s why we have our Scout’s Honor guarantee! If your pup turns up their snout to an item they’ve received, you can personally reach out to We will help find you a replacement item to get that tail up and wagging.

    Thanks fur being in the pack and we look forward to seeing more reviews from you! PeeS. Don’t furget to share your referral code! All our ruv, Melissa from BarkBox

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