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Finding a dog training program that doesn't just repeat the same old information is difficult. That is why we were so surprised when we found Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli. Her methods are some of the most creative and dog friendly that we have seen. The book is easy to read and comes with lots of clear images and videos. A must-read for any dog owner! This book will change training for you and your dog forever.

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  • Turns exercises into games
  • Following latest science about dogs minds
  • Lot's of videos to clarify the games
  • Easy reading
  • Makes training fun for owners and dogs
  • Inexpensive
  • Some videos could have higher image quality
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Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my dog completely happy and satisfied. I never want to see him bored and just getting through the day. Mental challenges are crucial for this. The best food or dog house can’t make a bored dog happy.

Just like many dog owners, I am always digging through book stores and Facebook feeds for the latest books and videos to keep things interesting.

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A lot of my purchases ended up on the top bookshelf or tucked away in some box. (I still have 10 VHS tapes on specific German Shepherd training collecting dust somewhere:)

But some books are all worn out and dirty from the countless training sessions. And, even though Brain Training For Dogs is completely digital, I am sure the PDF will get dirty somehow. Because this book is becoming my go-to reference when it comes to dog training.

What is Brain Training For Dogs?

When I first saw the name of this program on my friends Facebook feed, it instantly caught my attention. Most programs are focused on being dominant or stopping some form of bad behavior. I haven’t seen a brain training program for dogs before.

Reading the sales page, I was skeptical. It seemed to be a collection of multiple training programs, but I wanted to find out if this could be the refreshing look on dog training I hoped for. Assured by the money back guarantee, I went ahead and ordered it. And boy did I do the right thing!

Meet Adrienne Farricelli

author of brain training for dogs, Adrienne FaricelliJust like you’d want to learn what company creates your favorite products, you’d also want to know who’s behind this one-of-a-kind dog training program.

Adrienne Farricelli has earned her stripes as a dog training expert. She is a certified dog trainer in both Italy and the US (CPDT-KA) and has over ten years of experience in the field. She writes several blogs on dog training as well as contributed to a lot of online and printed publications.

Adrienne specializes in force free dog training with only positive reinforcement. This is something that I strongly agree with. I just can’t feel good about a dog doing the coolest tricks, knowing that it’s the result of shock collars and constant domination.

The Prevailing Theme Of The Program

Back when I had little knowledge about training dogs, I believed training was about swiftly punishing bad behavior and breaking the dog’s will to go against me. But aside from the ethical issue, I don’t like to spend my time with my dog battling for dominance.

If you feel the same way about dog training you will love what Brain Training for Dogs teaches. It is all about force free training and how to use that most effectively.

The background idea is to reward the behavior you want from your dog. Dogs, much like humans, quickly learn to do things that lead to rewards. Using positive reinforcement will not only get your dog to do things, it will give him/her a positive association with the training. And that means your dog will be more motivated and focused for the next time.

Boost Your Dog’s Mental Capacity

For many people, it may sound silly to attempt to improve a dog’s intelligence. Even dog owners would be quick to raise an eyebrow for any program that makes such a claim. But I found myself utterly surprised with the results I got from following the program.

It’s worth noting that Adrienne doesn’t only explain the benefits of positive reinforcement and teach a list of activities you can do with your dog. The program goes much deeper than that.

21 Mental-Boosting Games

Included in the book are 21 games that to improve your dog’s thinking skills. It’s often said that certain dog breeds are smarter than others, but all dogs can improve. These fun and exciting games, boost the mental powers of your dog. They increase problem solving abilities and also make it easier for your dog to understand you.

Train Difficult Dogs

Bad habits that have become ingrained can be very difficult to change. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Adrienne has created a troubleshooting section which details advanced strategies on how to overcome the most common problems in dog training.

Especially if your dog is not responding to your current methods, this section can prove really valuable.

Bonus Pack

Brain Training for Dogs comes in a PDF format. With over 300 pages, you will surely learn so much from the expertise and experience of Adrienne. But along with the eBook, you’ll also get a Behavior Training manual with over 80 pages. That’s quite a lot of reading, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

There are also accompanying videos that made it easier to go through the exact steps outlined in the eBook. These should clear up any unclear information, and certainly help you if you are a visual learner.

There is a bonus pack with an additional 5 games if you have mastered the 21 from the main course.

Try It For Yourself

If you want to try one of the games on your own dog, you can try this right now:

Download Free PDF Airplane Game from brain training for dogs


Final Verdict

If you want to spend more time rewarding and less time punishing but still expect good behavior, I recommend you read Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli. It’s the most extensive guide I’ve seen, with multiple teaching methods and lot’s of fun games. All the information is laid out clearly and easy to read. Plus you get accompanying videos for a complete picture.

Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs

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When I first heard of the pet cameras and smart pet toys, I was instantly fascinated. As an engineer, I could see how this technology was going to help people around the world. And I wanted to be part of that development by testing and writing about it.

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