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2017 holiday sales for pets

Best Holiday Sales For Pets In 2017

Flash Sale: Get the Petcube Play for $99 only today (December 19th). That is a 50% ($100) discount!!!! Holiday season is the best time to find deals on everything and anything. And your pets deserve to get in on that too. Most black Friday websites don’t show a lot of things for pets. So here are […]

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puppod, the toy for smart dogs

The Puppod Interactive Dog Toy, Because Dogs Aren’t Stupid

Most dog owners don’t just believe that their dogs are aware, they know it. Regardless of what others may say about dogs simply being just another species of animal, dog owners know that their dogs are sentient beings. Dogs experience emotions that range from joy to sadness to anger and boredom. According to recent scientific […]

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Kittyo – Cat Game Console, Where to Buy and Why?

[wpsm_toplist] Kittyo is a new and innovative way to keep your cat happy and active while you are away from home. It works by letting you play, watch, talk and dispense treats for you cat from a smartphone app. The first units for the crowdfunding backers have been delivered in July 2016 and both owners […]

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Cleverpet Release Date: When can Your dog start Playing Video Games?

If you are up to date on Pet Gadgets, you might be wondering what the release date will be for the Cleverpet. This will be the latest toy for keeping your cat or dog healthy and entertained. It’s going to work similar to a video game with cookies. The Cleverpet has just finished a very […]

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Just how Much is GoBone: The new Smart Toy For Your Pet?

It goes without saying that it can be difficult for any dog owner to have to leave their pet alone from time to time as they go to work or elsewhere. However, this is something that you just cannot avoid, even if it is to run quick errands or to bring the kids to school. […]

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Reviewing Petcube for Cats and Dogs

Overall Petcube Warranty: Main Elements And the Value To Customers

When you shop at Petcube, you can purchase incredible gadgets that will help you to keep your pet safe and secure. When you have one of their cameras, you can monitor your pet at any time, no matter where you are. Petcube expects that most of their customers will be very pleased with the products […]

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Use Petcube From Your Wrist

The Benefits Of Petcube Apple Watch For Tech Loving Pet Owners

Do you know what your pets are doing while you are away at work? Do you come home and the trash is all over the floor? Well, your wish has been granted with the Petcube Apple Watch. Yes, you heard it right. You can check on sweet little Fluffy while you aren’t at home using […]

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The Best Trump Dog Toys (Top 5 Reviews)

​It seems that the only way to avoid complete depression about the current political situation is to make fun of it. And a trump dog toy is one of the best ways to lighten the mood.Dogs are not restricted by elitist lawmakers, and chew, shake, or even hump their toys.But what started out with only […]

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Dog Health: Stay Active With The GoBone Dog Toy

Does your dog get enough exercise? If you have a busy schedule or live in a small apartment, making sure that your dog gets enough exercise might not be easy. The graph below shows how people are getting more and more interested in the weight of their dogs. It’s quite easy to see the parallel […]

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Playdate dog ball

The Playdate Smart Ball: Play with your Pet even when you are not Around

New products are being developed all the time. And most of them are not all that great. But now a new toy for playing with your pet is hitting the market. And this one looks to bring a some relief for caring pet owners that also have a busy life. Meet the Playdate Smart Ball. […]

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