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Kylo Reviews Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera Reviews: Does this Treat-Tossing Pet Camera Really Work?

​Meet Kylo. This adorable two year old rescue, Border Collie – Lab mutt is the little bundle of joy me and my girlfriend, Hayley, love to spoil. Kylo brings an immense amount of joy in our lives –a sentiment that dog lovers are certainly no stranger to. Another sentiment dog lovers are no stranger to […]

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cat Spray stop review

Cat Spray Stop (Self Help Guide For Cat Spraying) Full Review

​Cats might think that spraying is innocent enough to do. A cat might see a piece of furniture or a door and then decide to spray it. On the other hand, cats are anything but stupid. They don’t repeat any behavior that doesn’t serve a clear purpose. Something that a cat deems normal might be unacceptable […]

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doggy dan's online dog trainer review

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review: Shortcut To A Good Dog?

​​Don’t you hate is when our dogs completely ignore us, right when ​we really need them to listen?​Or ​having to hope for the best, every time you have to pass another dog?Dog training is not easy but we can’t do without it. And personal trainers can get very expensive. Online training programs can be equally […]

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petchatz HD with pawcall review: dog looking at screen

Full Petchatz HD Pawcall Review: How Good Is It?

​Like many people, you probably head off to work on a daily basis, and you leave your pets behind at home. We miss our pets when we are not with them during the day, and sometimes, it can even be problematic when they are left on their own. How many times have pet owners come home […]

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Reviewing Busy Buddies Tug A Jug

Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug: Review, Case Study, And Rating

Does your dog eat super fast? Or is he/she easily bored with the current toys? Then the Tug-A-Jug from Busy Buddy is a great toy to try. We found it to be a fun mental challenge and a great way to have dogs work for their food. Check Busy Buddy Tug A Jug prices Make […]

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Dropcam Security Home Camera: Review, Rating, Buyers Advice

What Happened To The World? Home burglary has risen by 132% since the 1930’s. Often people get robbed when they are home, at gunpoint. We have to find new ways to keep ourselves save. Meet Dropcam. Dropcam (or Nest Cam) is a small and stylish security camera that works in any home with Wifi. It […]

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training our puppy with both wizdog and ugodog to see the difference

Can Potty Training be a Breeze? We Review The Best Trainers.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Table Of Contents” style=”1″] [contents] [/wpsm_titlebox] I used to hate potty training. I mean, I love puppies. But cleaning up pee and shit, all the time, and having to get up every hour at night? That has never been fun to me. So why this title then? Well, apparently other people don’t like potty […]

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Petcube play product image

Petcube Play Review & Rating: Revealing The Good and The Bad

​Review Summary ​Product Name:​Petcube Play​Product Type:​Pet camera with laser pointer​Price (MSRP):​$199​​Summary:​A sleek and compact pet camera ​that ​is controlled by your smartphone. The 1080P camera records ​crisp video and photos. Setup is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes. ​Laser is fun but control takes some getting used to. Cloud service is useful but expensive. […]

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Reviewing the tether tug dog toy

Tether Tug

[wpsm_toggle title=”Compare LIVE Prices”] [content-egg-block template=custom/all_offers_list next=15] [/wpsm_toggle] [wpsm_toplist h3] Introduction Does your dog love to play tug? But you don’t want to spend hours playing and exercising? Then the Tether Tug might be the solution. It’s a dog toy specifically for playing tug. And you don’t need to have your arm pulled out. A […]

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Comparing the barkbox subscription boxes, big and bold, just right, and small and cute

Reviewing Barkbox: Our Dog Bert Takes On 4 Months Of Barkbox Medium

​​What does it mean to be good dog owner? Everyone can buy a dog, but not everyone takes good care of their dog. Most modern dogs get way too little exercise and play time. According to the ASPCA, the average owner spends only 1 hour of playtime with their dog, every day. The rest of the time, […]

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