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Reviewing the shru smart cat toy

Shru Cat Companion

[wpsm_toplist h3] Introduction Cats can be so fussy! You spend a few hours in a pet store looking for toys, and they ignore it completely! Or play with it for a few minutes and sit around looking bored. So we end up having to buy or make endless toys to keep our fussy cats happy. […]

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Zencrate, Why Your Dog won’t Have to Suffer From Noise Ever Again

If you are a dog owner, you know how some dogs are completely terrified of a thunderstorm, or fireworks around the Fourth of July. And no matter what you do to attempt to comfort your pet the thing seems to work and they wind up in a corner shaking and whining. Also loud noises such […]

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iFetch Too, comparison of this automatic fetch machine

iFetch Too

[wpsm_toplist h3] Whenever I open my Facebook news feed, there is always at least three ads for new dog toys. And they all start by saying that they are the biggest revolution yet. At this rate of revolution, we will conquer the universe in no time:). So I was naturally apprehensive when we saw the […]

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Petbot monitors and trains your pet for you

Petbot – Advanced Connected Dog Trainer

Training dogs isn’t something that most people see as fun. In fact, many people see dog training as a long and frustrating challenge. However, there are a few things you can do that will make dog training a lot more pleasant. One of the things you can do invest in the PetBot smart pet monitor. […]

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petcube and kittyo play devices compared

Kittyo Vs Petcube: The Final Battle Between The Smart Cat Cameras

​Maybe you want to spend more time with your cat, maybe you want to check up on them when you are away…An interactive cat camera ​can be the perfect solution but there are ​a lot of options. Kittyo and Petcube are some of the best in the field but they ​are still very different.  At […]

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Investors and customers alike are raving about the Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam from Sharktank: Relieving Separation Anxiety among Pets

[wpsm_toplist] One of the biggest guilt trips that dog and cat owners in the modern world face is what’s going on with their favorite pet while they are away at work. Is there no other way? Well, you might have seen the Petzi Treat Cam featured on Sharktank. It is a way for you to […]

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Using this app it's possible to connect to your dog at home from anywhere

Petzi Treat Cam App: Introducing Smartphone Technology for Pets

[wpsm_toplist h3] The Petzi Treat Cam app provides some unique possibilities for dog owners. This article will discuss what it is, who should consider buying it, where to buy it and what its features are. With that said, read on to learn more about this product and then you can buy it. What Is The […]

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What Is The Gobone Pet Toy From Kickstarter And What Can It Do For You?

Sometimes dogs don’t get enough exercise due to their owners having a busy schedule. They may not get enough exercise due to living in a small apartment. However, it’s still important to ensure your dog gets plenty of exercises, which is easy to do with the GoBone from Kickstarter. Your tablet or smartphone can be […]

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petcube for animal shelter

How Petcube For Shelters Chould Change The Way Good Shelter Pets Are Found

We’ve all seen those great “feel good” TV commercials where the dog that’s just been rescued from the shelter and adopted is running playfully in the park with its new owners. Here are some interesting graphs showing the trends regarding animal shelter searches. You can see that interest is to be gradually decreasing, which is […]

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Icpooch helping Dogs connect

How An Icpooch Kickstarter Campaign Has Made a Big Impact On Both Dogs And Their Owners

Psychologists have long understood how important it is for us humans to have pets around the house to talk to. Elderly people and others that live alone have been shown to live happier, longer and healthier lives when they have a dog or cat that they can take care of and talk to throughout the […]

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