If you are up to date on Pet Gadgets, you might be wondering what the release date will be for the Cleverpet. This will be the latest toy for keeping your cat or dog healthy and entertained. It’s going to work similar to a video game with cookies. The Cleverpet has just finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign. People who backed the project have started to receive their products a couple of days ago. (it’s now August-12th-2016).

But if you are reading this you might not be among those people. And you want to know when full production units will become available. There is no official release date issued by the company but we can take a look at the timeline of the first production run. After full backing was achieved it took about a year before actual dogs were playing with them. Judging from that, it’s going to be at least 6 months for revisions and production. Which would lead to a release date after February 2017. This is of course a very rough estimate and it’s possible that Cleverpet will make a strong push for the products to be available during the holiday season of 2016. Sales are going through the roof during these times.

A quick look at why it’s going to be worth the wait

Why the Cleverpet Hub is different:

Fully autonomous.

You make changes to the programming by logging in with a Smartphone App. After that, the Cleverpet will work fully autonomous and play games with your dog or cat. This means that you can fully focus on work or other activities, knowing that your pet is not locked up in a boring house.

Keeps your pet engaged.

Pets need activity and companionship just like humans do. If they are left alone with nothing to do, they can start to behave badly or just become unhappy. Destructive behavior of dogs is often due to pure boredom and frustration. Active dogs are more healthy and can keep a normal weight without much problems.

Cookies are a strong motivator.

A pet game console will only work if the pet is actually interested. This is where that treat dispenser comes in. Now there will still be dogs around that are too scared or well fed to ignore this but it won’t be many. Once they find out that they can get their favorite cookies by playing with the Cleverpet, they will be all over it. This is the unique combination that the Cleverpet brings. Automated playing with rewarding cookies. Hmm, it might not be long before a Clever-human product is released.