It goes without saying that it can be difficult for any dog owner to have to leave their pet alone from time to time as they go to work or elsewhere. However, this is something that you just cannot avoid, even if it is to run quick errands or to bring the kids to school. When looking for the best dog toys, the chances are that you will be wondering how much is a GoBone and what do you get.

What is GoBone?

The GoBone is an interactive and autonomous device that helps to ease the loneliness for your pet while squashing any of the guilt that you may have. A downloadable app controls the dog toy from anywhere in the world through WiFi.

How much Does it Cost?

Right now you can pre-order your very own GoBone for you and your pet today for $169 on Kickstarter (see embed below). You will make a worthwhile investment that is going to offer many hours of interactive play and enjoyment for your pet when you are not able to be right there with them. We have a separate post with more information about the best places to buy the Gobone once it becomes available.

How is It Going to Work?

gobone inner workings

The way that GoBone works is by using algorithms that will adjust to the behavior of your dog to help keep your pet playing and moving until the time that you can return. This technology uses patent pending algorithms that work to learn the behavior of your dog. The system processes inputs such as their weight, age, breed and how it seems that he or she likes to play. With all of this information coming in, the GoBone toy can train the software in your app to keep track of how long it should engage to keep your dog interested.

Check our smart dog toy videos to see this very cool product in action.

How it Will Benefit You and Your Pets Life

Created by a dog owner, this is the type of toy that will pay for itself within just a short period of using it with your pet. You will have the added peace of mind in knowing that your dog never feels alone and that he or she can remain stimulated and active when you are away. You can take control and navigate the GoBone either indoors or outdoors, all while your dog stays in playful pursuit. While you are using the GoBone technology, you can record video of your dog playing and then share it with friends and family on social media or save it off for your enjoyment later on.

This is a smart pet toy that offers playtime with your pet when you are away, to interact with your pet with exclusive games or to even schedule playtime at chosen intervals during the day for up to a period of 8 hours. Gobone promises a dog proof design that is easy to take apart and wash should it become soiled or you can even replace some of the parts if they become worn out.