petchatz HD with pawcall and dog

Petchatz HD With Pawcall

Petchatz HD with Paw Call is a unique pet camera in a field of already revolutionary devices. Any pet owner that likes to interact with their dog and is away from home could benefit considerably from it, and here is why:

Thoroughly Developed Features For Training And Entertaining Your Pet(s).

The first generation Petchatz (non-HD) was introduced in 2014 and has allowed pet owners all over the US to call their lonely pets from anywhere. It was part of the revolution that has been taking place with smart technology for cats and dogs. The new version has a couple of nifty upgrades compared to the first:

  • The camera has been bumped to HD quality and is recording in 1080P. It is also optimized to record very well in low light conditions. Unless you want to leave all the lights on when you are away, you will need to have decent video quality in low light conditions.
  • The design is sturdy but has no sharp edges or corners. Your dog or cat might try to get to the treats that are inside. And though you don’t want them to raid the cookie jar, you don’t want them to get hurt either. There is a special cover available for extremely destructive pets (most likely dogs, I suppose)
  • A motion and sound detector starts the recording whenever there is something funny going on. Adjustments allow you to record when your pets get into a fight, or you have unwanted visitor.

Who Is The Petchatz For?

Petchatz is designed for both cats and dogs of all sizes and ages. There are few reasons not to get a Petchatz:

  • If your cat or dog is already quite old: Older pets don’t learn as easily and are more upset about things they don’t know yet. A good friend has a 12 year old dog that can’t get used to the pet camera and treat dispenser. It’s gets very upset when it hears a voice but can’t find it’s parent. Yours might be different, but good to take it into account
  • If you have a slow internet connection: The HD camera requires a good internet connection on both your home and phone. Without 30 mbps at home and 4g/Lte on you phone the video will not be fluent.
  • If your pet has specific food alergies: Because Petchatz HD only accepts the treats from the brand itself, you will run into problems if these are not allowed. Most cats and dogs will be able to eat them without any problems. Because they are all natural and without wheat, grain, corn, and other fillers added to it.

How Does Petchatz Compare To Similar Pet Cameras?

Your Pet Can Call You With The Unique Paw Call Extension

pets press the button to call their ownerInteracting with your pet, and teaching him/her to do things is one of the reasons we have pets in the first place. With the Pawcall you will be able to make the interaction a lot more two-way. Instead of talking to your pet and throwing treats you can now teach them to press the button. Some of the things that can be done with Paw Call:

  • Have your pet call you. The device will help with training by alerting your pet that it’s time to call. Then your pet can push the button, and you get an alert by SMS or IM that it’s time to do some video calling. Let’s hope that our pets don’t learn the concept of Prank Calling:)
  • Have the device play games with your pet. The combination of an action (pressing the button) and a treat dispenser allows for all kind of games. Your pet can get exercise to stay healthier also when you are away. Pet obesity is an increasing problem these days, and pets being locked indoors is a major contributor.


As mentioned before, the unit is designed to be wall mounted, but you’ll also have the option of mounting it inside of a kennel. People that have to crate their pet when away will probably need this. With a two-way video feed, you might even be able to ween them off of the kennel altogether.
Wherever you install the unit, you’ll need a screwdriver handy since the back panel is made to screw into a flat surface. It’s probably a good idea to turn off power to the wall you’re installing to at the breaker with a wall mounted installation. It’s always best to be safe! From there, it’s simply a matter of plugging the PetChatz in, attaching it, and turning it on. The rest of the setup happens through the iPhone app or website. Here you can create alerts and recording when the motion sensors detect something. We had it go off once when our dog was barking like crazy to somebody who was knocking on the door for over 10 minutes. It’s good to be alerted in these cases; you never know what intentions they may have.

Pet-safe mounting

petchatz installationPetchatz HD is mounted securely on a wall, over a power socket as opposed to many other devices that are free-standing. A secure mounting is a major benefit if you have an investigative pet. If the device falls over it can become damaged and won’t work in most cases (because the cookie magazines are gravity fed). Wall mounting means that it’s impossible for your pet to get behind the Petchatz HD or get a good grip on it.

You Can Use Scents As Well As Treats To Sooth Your Cat Or Dog

We all know that our pets are crazy about treats. But dogs and cats all have an incredible sense of smell. With the Petchatz HD, you can treat your pet to a calming and soothing smell at the push of a button. This way is more effective than leaving a scent in the house for the entire day because you will be able to apply it right when needed.

Two Way Video Sharing

This is the only smart pet toy that lets your dog see you while you are talking, or dispensing treats. On the front of the device sits an HD screen that shows the video from your smartphone selfie camera. Your pet now has a face as well as a voice to keep him company. We tested the quality of the screen by having one of us stay at home (crouched on the floor:) and talking to the other who was at work. The video and sound are fast and without hiccups, allowing for a smooth conversation.

Video Quality

The camera in the Petchatz records at 1080P and catches a good amount of light. It gives a very clear picture of your room and pets. A common problem with high-quality video is that it takes a lot of bandwidth and can lead to slow or interrupted streaming. With a standard Wifi (2.4 Ghz) and basic internet subscription (30Mbit/s), we never experienced any problems. Without 4G or LTE on the smartphone, it doesn’t work.

What We Didn’t Like About The Petchatz

While the Petchatz HD offers some unique and powerful features, you need to be aware of it’s limitations too.

You can only use it with Petchatz own Treats

Petchatz uses a pre-filled container to hold and load the treats. And the opening for dispensing the treats is shaped so that only the brand’s own treats will come out. This means that you will be forced to buy your treats at Petchatz for as long as you want to use it. The treats are of good quality, all natural, no fillers, and free of wheat, grain or corn. But, like mentioned earlier, these are not suitable for dogs with specific food allergies.

Free standing mounting requires an extra purchase.

The wall mounting of the Petchatz HD is one of it’s strong points. But if you need it to be free standing you will need to buy an additional mount. Or if you have some carpenter skills you can make a sturdy board on a stable base for free.

It’s the most expensive of all current pet cameras

With an average price of at least a hundred dollars more than the nearest competitors, Petchatz is not cheap. It is the only device with the calming scent feature. And it’s the only device to combine everything in one wall mounted option.

What Other Customers Say


We have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Petchatz HD since its introduction over a year ago. Now that it’s finally available we are very pleased with its features for pets and the attention to detail. This is an ergonomically designed and well thought out interactive pet camera that is going to delight many pet owners all over the world. It’s not the cheapest, but if you can spend that amount on your pets, then it’s a solid choice. It’s one of the best ways to take care of your pet’s mental and physical health when you can’t be at home all the time.


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