Do you have pets and a part- or fulltime job? Then you  will have to leave them alone in the house for many hours every week.  And this is a less than optimal situation for both you and the animal.  Most pets really don’t like to be alone. They value our presence and  want to be part of our lives. Petcube is a smart pet toy that allows us to interact with our pets over the internet. It’s a cute  little box that connects to our router through WIFI or Ethernet.

A wide angle camera allows you to see what is going on. Most people  will use it with a smartphone app, but there is also a website  available. Then there are two really nice ways to interact with your pet,  a laser pointer and a two way audio system. So you can listen and talk  with your pet. And you can play with them with the laser dot.

But does Petcube allow you to see in the dark or low light?

Because if you also want to use it as a security camera then this can  be critical. And what if you are only able to log in at night due to a  night shift or long distance travel?

No, The Original Petcube Does Not Have Night Vision

It  might be a feature that will be added in the next version. But  currently it does not have night vision. You can tweak the sensitivity  of the camera and the brightness of your smartphone. But real night  vision will not be possible.

Why that might be a problem

  • If you leave your pets in the pitch black darkness at night. Now  there will be nothing to see through the Petcube making it almost  useless.
  • Using the Petcube as a security camera at night.

Why that might not be a problem

If  you leave one or more lights on at night. Especially if you have the  modern type of lights that can be controlled through an internet  connection. Or lights that switch on when they detect motion. Now you can easily switch on some illumination and use your Petcube

  • If you have a separate security camera setup with night vision and  hidden camera’s. This will provide you with better security anyways.

The New Petcube Play And Bites Do Have Night Vision

The  decision to not include night vision in the old Petcube is  understandable. Most people will be able to have all the benefits  without it. Me and most pet owners I know tend to leave at least one  light on at night. Adjusting the Petcube and light source correctly will  mean that you can still play.

However the new Petcube Play does have night vision. You can see how  it’s going to look through the camera in the following Instagram post or  read our the full review right here on

These models are available now. The following video from their  kickstarter campaign gives a good idea of how they will benefit your  pet.