making eye contact in dog body language

Dog Body Language Quiz: Can You Read Your Dog’s Most Important Communcations?

​Dogs communicate most with their body language. And when you can accurately read your dog's messages, you can respond better. ​

  • You will be better at training your dog.
  • You can catch problems with other dogs or people before they escalate.
  • You can help your dog better when he/she really needs you. 

15 Questions to Help You Read Your Dog's Body Language Better

About the Author Kwinten

While growing up with cats and dogs, I discovered I am good at understanding how these wonderful companions feel. My first pocket money was spent on pet toys, and I majored in animal behavioral science. My specialty was how dogs develop intelligence by playing. So if you feel your dog is not that smart, I might be able to help. My pets have helped me stay aware, committed, and down-to-earth. It’s my mission to help pets and owners be more connected and happy.

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  • Judy Chandler says:

    I would have liked to know what I got wrong. 🤨It would be good to display the answers with the correct answers, if wrong.

    • Kwinten says:

      Thanks Judy! That is very helpful feedback. I will get working on this asap.

      Wishing you and your dog all the best!

  • gordana suboticki says:

    Interesting. Thanks for opportunity to test my knowledge

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