What Happened To The World?

Home burglary has risen by 132% since the 1930’s. Often people get robbed when they are home, at gunpoint. We have to find new ways to keep ourselves save.

Meet Dropcam.

Dropcam (or Nest Cam) is a small and stylish security camera that works in any home with Wifi. It can detect motion and record automatically.

Since it’s introduction it has recorded many burglars, and provided evidence in court. Many people have reviewed Dropcam but haven’t looked at how it can also greatly help with our pets.

How a Wifi Security Camera Helps Your Pets Too

Cats, dogs and other pets can create problems when we are not home. And when we see only the result, but not what happened it can be difficult to solve the problem.

This is where a home security camera can help. You just place in the field of view that you want to track, and look back over the recordings after a couple of days.

Dropcam/Nest Cam’s Image Chip Provides Great Image Quality

It’s important to have high quality images so that you can distinguish exactly what happened. Many cheaper cameras use knock-off image sensors and processing electronics. And that means that you get grainy images, that make it almost impossible to see when zoomed in.

Being able to zoom in on a still image is critical to identify thieves and solve crimes. So Dropcam has a 8X digital zoom function and crisp video that allows to for great face extraction or spotting a cat peeing.

Intelligent Motion Detection Lets You Only Record The Moment That Matter

Video data adds up fast. HD video at 1080P takes about 10 GB per hour. So recording 24 hours a day would generate 240GB of data. If you want to be able to go back a few days, you would need a lot of storage space.

That is why Dropcam offers cloud storage and motion detection. You can set it to only record when it detects activity which saves a lot of time looking back through footage.

The motion detectors are very sensitive and can even be triggered by leaves moving outside a window or wind moving the curtains. So you might need to experiment with the settings and room setup.

Thieves Can’t Destroy The Recordings With Instant Cloud Storage.

You probably have seen at least one movie where the bad guys destroyed the security footage and got away with it?

Modern cloud storage makes that impossible.

Anything that gets recorded gets send into the cloud immediately. So there will be nothing to destroy. No video tapes, dvd’s or hard disks. That is the power of Dropcam with cloud storage.

Efficient Electronics Use Very Little Energy

Any device that is used continuously should be efficient with its energy. We just can’t afford to waste more and increase our carbon footprint.

Dropcam states that their camera never uses more than 7-9 Watts. But we wanted to make sure. So we ran a 48 hour test under normal conditions with a certified power consumption sensor. The total power consumption was 379 Whr, which amounts to 7.8 Watts.

Seeing In The Dark With Powerful Night Vision LEDs

Many manufacturers seem to think that a small Infrared LED is all it takes to get Night Vision. But that severely limits the field of view of the camera.

If you have  130 degree field of view, you also need the same area of Infrared lighting.

Dropcam is the leader in it’s field when it comes to Night Vision. So you don’t miss anything when it happened in the dark.