Psychologists have long understood how important it is  for us humans to have pets around the house to talk to. Elderly people  and others that live alone have been shown to live happier, longer and  healthier lives when they have a dog or cat that they can take care of  and talk to throughout the day. Now, research is also showing how  important it is for dogs to hear your voice and listen to your words  every so often all day long.

The Precious Time You Have Together Makes You Both Healthier

As we go through our lives there are plenty of distractions to keep  us occupied like work, family, vacations, and relationships, but if you  have a dog you love, you know it will be right by the door waiting for  you when you get home.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to your dog, anytime during  the day when you’re feeling like you need a happy smiling face? Well,  there is now a product called Icpooch that can do just that, your dog’s  big grin is as close as your iPhone or computer anytime you need a  pick-me-up, and your dog will appreciate it too.

Remember, you don’t need any specific reason to call your furry  friend several times per day, but if it makes you feel better, do it for  your dog and his good health, you’ll feel better too, and you’ll work  better and be happier all with just a phone call.

Icpooch Is A Revolutionary Game Changing Product We All Need

This amazing product was invented by a young teenager that originally  sought financing through an Icpooch Kickstarter program. It gives the  away-from-home pet owner the opportunity to get two-way face time with  their dog anytime and from anywhere with just a phone call.

The cool thing about this product is that not only can you see and  hear your dog, your dog can see and hear you as well. Then, when the  conversation is over, you can dispense a treat from the Icpooch  dispenser. It actually looks similar to a large Pez dispenser and it  holds a tablet computer or iPhone in its adjustable brackets that serve  as the speaker, microphone, and video deliverer.

The dispenser in the Icpooch is adjustable to deliver large doggy  treats, medium sized treats and even has stackable tiny bowls that can  hold kibble treats too. You’ll be able to see your dog receive the  treats almost instantly when you hit the button.

When 14 Year Old Brook Martin Started Her Quest She Had No Idea Of Its Demand

Brooke originally began thinking of the Icpooch because her own dog was  suffering from separation anxiety and needed to hear her comforting  voice to settle down. She started her Icpooch Kickstarter campaign and  realized there was a huge demand for the product due to the millions of  humans suffering from separation anxiety from their pets.

Now, with the Icpooch widely available online and at pet stores around  the country, millions of pet owners are able to do their jobs at work  and not worry all day long about their pooch. At the same time, Fido  gets a little emotional boost several times a day while providing  emotional comfort to his human.