Have you ever wondered what your dog does during the day when you are traveling or away at work? If so, you are not alone. In the past, sophisticated electronic alarm systems sold to the fortunate few were the only way to keep a remote eye on Fido and his friendly cohorts. Or, as some did, you could call your neighbors or ask their children to stop in from time to time to make sure your canine friend was dealing with your absence in a healthy and nondestructive way.

All of that has changed overnight. Or should we say, it all changed as of last night. That’s when an electronic doggie monitoring system was debuted by Acer. The good news was announced at this morning’s Berlin IFA press briefing.

This new camera is connected to the internet and focused on monitoring your pets. It’s called the Pawbo Life.

There are some old concepts used in Pawbo Life. Last year, when the orginal Pawbo reached its crowdfunding goal, there was quite a bit of fanfare. This new one is the first to be introduced since it became a subsidiary of the Taiwan firm, Acer, in an acquisition for which few financial details have been released.

You might be wondering why this change in ownership should matter to you.

Here’s the deal. When compared to last year’s model, this new version has software enhancements and solid hardware that make a real difference in performance and customer satisfaction. One of the singular changes is the viewing angle. Compared to last years 110 degree wide angle field of view, the Pawbo Life now has up to 230 degrees.

That’s not the only exciting new addition to the Pawbo Life. Simultaneous streaming is now available and simple to operate. Up to eight people can get permission from you to join and view the video streaming over Pawbo with the ability to share on any of their social networks. Plus, you can switch between the feeds of multiple Pawbo cameras seamlessly with the upgrades to the software that are now in place.

The company kept what was working well in the Pawbo Plus. It’s still possible to control the Pawbo using an app on either a mobile iOS or Android device. Plus, two way conversations between you and your pets remains available because of the microphone use. Many dog lovers really enjoy this functionality. They even train their pups over the Pawbo using voice commands powered by a nearby doggie treat dispenser.

And, that’s not all. If you want to get some play time in with your pooch, there is a motorized laser point game that helps you exercise your companion even when you are hundreds of miles away. This game is an especial favorite for cat owners who have pouncing kittens eager to prove their hunting prowess.

The Pawbo Plus isn’t the only release from the company for the year. There’s also an artificial lighting system, the Pawbo Flash, for the camera expected later on in the year. There is also the Pawbo Munch, another treat dispenser that can be placed close to problem years. For example, if a young dog is tearing up the drapes, having the Munch near them means you can distract them and stop the worrisome activity before too much damage is done.

Cats haven’t been left out of the line up. A new cat teaser toy, the Pawbo Catch, gets your feline friend worked up in a tizzy of play by extending a plastic wand in all directions that just begs to be whacked. The second entry for the feline set is a whack-a-mole game, the Pawbo Punch, that dogs will also enjoy.

If you want to rush out to pick up the Pawbo family, you’ll have to wait because it’s not yet available. However, early on Wednesday, pre-orders for the Pawbo Plus went live. It’s expected to ship in November and comes with a price tag of $170.

Keep in mind that the company has some solid competition when it comes to selling and developing cameras for tracking pets. Both Petzi Treat and PetChatz released a new cam in just this past month. If you want to know how those products perform, check out our Petchatz review and Petzi Treat Cam Review. Pawbo is counting on that fact that it has such a wide array of accessories for its own pet cams to stay on top of the business environment. It could be onto something. Especially if the company can manage to keep its prices at a competitive level.