The Petzi Treat Cam app provides some unique possibilities for dog owners.

This article will discuss what it is, who should consider buying it, where to buy it and what its features are. With that said, read on to learn more about this product and then you can buy it.

What Is The Petzi Treat Cam App

It is a pet dispenser that is controlled via an app.

It is also a camera, which means you can watch your pet when you’re not around, and you can share treats with it. You can use the app to interact with your pet and you’ll be able to speak to them too, as well as snap a photo, even if you’re not in the home. If you have a smart phone or a tablet, then you can use this app.


Using this app it's possible to connect to your dog at home from anywhere

It is packed with great features, which includes high quality audio and a camera that has night vision.

Not only that, but the treat launcher is universal, so you’ll be able to use crunchy treats, dry treats and so forth, but the treat does need to be smaller than an inch.

A mounting kit is included with the product, and you’ll be able to place this camera wherever you want, and you’ll be able to share content socially. As previously mentioned, you’ll be able to take photos and speak to your pet while you are gone.

Who Should Get It

If you have a dog and you don’t like leaving him alone for long periods of time,

then this is the product for you.

You should also get it if you want to check up on your dog to see what he’s doing while you’re gone. Or give him a treat when he has been good. Also, you should get it if you like to share photos of your dog with the world because you’ll be able to snap photos of him while you’re gone and then share them to your favorite social networking sites.

Those are only a few examples of who should get the app, but anyone who has a dog should consider getting it.

Where To Buy It

You can buy it online, or you can see if there is a retailer near you that sells it.

It is sold in many popular stores, and this includes Best Buy, Walmart and Petco to name just a few places.

All you have to do is contact the store nearest you, or go online and visit their website and then you can decide where you should buy it from. Generally speaking, it is affordable and you will love it.


If you own a dog, then you need this app. You will love using the Petzi Treat Cam app regularly and so will your dog. All you have to do now is go online or to your nearest retailer to find out if they sell this product and then you can buy it if they do.