Does your dog get enough exercise? If you have a busy schedule or live  in a small apartment, making sure that your dog gets enough exercise  might not be easy. The graph below shows how people are getting more and  more interested in the weight of their dogs. It’s quite easy to see the  parallel with human weight becoming an increasing problem.

If you are worried about your dog not getting enough exercise or  being bored while you are away, the GoBone could be an option for you.  If you want to keep an eye on your dog when away, take a look at our  other pet product shop reviews.

What is GoBone?

The GoBone is an interactive dog toy that can be controlled via your  Smartphone. The toy also has an automatic mode and will move around on  its own to keep your dog busy while you are away. Being able to control  the GoBone remotely is fun and allows you to interact with your dog when  you are work or out with friends.

The GoBone is perfect if your dog is inactive through most of the  day. The toy simply rolls around and interacts with your dog to get your  dog moving. There are different features that can be adjusted to find  the perfect way for the toy to interact with your dog.
The GoBone is designed to adapt the way it plays with your dog in  function of your dog’s age, weight and breed. This device is even  designed to help your dog get gradually used to the moving toy if you  own a dog who has a timid personality and who needs time to get used to  new things.

Why You Might Want One

The  GoBone is the perfect dog toy if you live in a small apartment where  your dog does not have much space to exercise. The toy will adapt to the  small space and get your dog moving throughout the day.

This is an ideal toy if you are away most of the day or if you often  find that you have too much work to do to play with your dog when you  are home. This toy will keep your dog entertained while you are away or  busy, which is important since dogs who do not get enough exercise and  stimulation can become overweight and depressed. During our Barkbox review for medium dogs we discovered how much difference daily exercise makes.

The GoBone is very easy to use. All you have to do is tap the toy  twice to turn it on and the battery should last all day. There is an app  you can download to your Smartphone and tablet to take control of the  toy and interact with your dog when you are away from home. Check our  separate article that explains how to acquire a Gobone.

Unexpected Benefits

The GoBone is fun and will keep your pet entertained but it could  also make a difference for your dog’s health. Inactive dogs can develop a  number of health issues and can also develop problematic behaviors due  to boredom. The GoBone is the perfect answer if your dog is inactive  during most of the day.

You should think about getting a GoBone for your dog.  This is a fun toy that is designed to be safe and durable. Your dog  will love it, will be more active during the day and will be less likely  to get bored while you are away. Besides, you will get to play with  your dog when you are away!