​UPDATE: The company behind Kittyo (The Happy Pet People, llc) shut down in 2018. We recommend you check out Petcube or one of the other great pet cameras. This article is only left up to help people who are searching for Kittyo Vs Petcube.

Maybe you want to spend more time with your cat, maybe you want to check up on them when you are away...

An interactive cat camera ​can be the perfect solution but there are ​a lot of options. Kittyo and Petcube are some of the best in the field but they ​are still very different.  

At a price of around $200, you don't want to buy the wrong one.

Well you have come to the right place. We have extensively compared Kittyo vs Petcube, and this article is the result.

Let's ​dive right in!

​Kittyo: Interactive Cat Console

​Kittyo is a pet camera with laser pointer and treat dispenser that you can control from anywhere using a smartphone app.

I know that is quite a mouthful, so let's break it down.

You place Kittyo in your house, loaded with your cat's favorite cookies. ​You start the app on your phone, and ​now you ​have global access to your cat.

You can see him/her, and you can talk or listen. Those are the basics of any pet camera. Kittyo has two more features that will make it a lot more fun:

First you can play with a laser pointer. The laser pointer is completely safe for pet's and humans and can be controlled with the smartphone app. With this, you will be able to send your cat jumping through the room!

Second is a treat dispenser. ​At the tap of a button, the machine will pop out a treat to your cat. This is a great way to reward him/her for good behavior, or just because you feel generous.

What we like about it

​Kittyo has everything we needed to have fun with our cats. It's all combined in one good looking device that can be placed in every location we could imagine.

The treat dispenser works very well. We never experienced any treats getting stuck, and it accepts a wide size range.

This device was made specifically for cats. The treat dispenser is optimized for smaller cat treats, it comes loaded with sounds to attract cats, and is pre-programmed to detect cats to send alerts.

The value for money is ​high!. You get a pet camera, laser pointer, and treat dispenser for the price that other brands only offer a laser pointer or none at all.

​What We Don't Like About It

The camera can only record in 720p. This is not bad at all, if only we were not spoiled by the camera on the Petcube Play. This one records in 1080P (full HD) and provides amazing video quality. You only notice the problem when you have both devices side by side.

The laser can be a bit difficult to control. This is an issue with many similar systems. Contoling the laser fast enough (unless your cat is real slow) takes some getting used to. After a couple of weeks, we got pretty good at it but still struggled when the internet was slow.



  • All-in-one solution with everything you need.
  • Reliable treat dispenser.
  • ​Designed specifically for cats.
  • Value for money.


  • Camera ​only 720P
  • Laser control takes some getting used to.

Petcube Play: ​Small Cube With Big Heart

​​Petcube could be called the most successful interactive pet camera to date.

The cute box with moveable laser pointer was introduced at the end of 2014 at CES. Since then many people have used the original to play with their cats and dogs from anywhere.

In early 2016 they introduced the updated version called Petcube Play and a treat dispensing extension called Bites. We are only covering the Petcube Play here, without the Bites Extension.

What we like about it

​Petcube's camera is arguably the best camera in any of the current pet cameras. The image quality is crisp, the colors look natural, and the night vision works lights up any room.

A little (nerdy) note about night vision:Technically, not one of these pet or home cameras has real night vision. They all work with a small infrared LED and a camera that detects infrared light. So they light up the room with infrared and then record it. We can't see the infrared, so it seems the camera can see in the dark.

When Petcube was first introduced, it was the only pet camera with a laser pointer. Now there are a lot of competitors with laser pointers but Petcube is still among the best. They have tweaked the laser control and app interface. The result is probably the most responsive laser pointers on the market.

​The small cube can be placed almost anywhere, and looks great in any interior.

​What We Don't Like About It

​In order to have the same functionality as Kittyo, you will need to spend a lot more. Petcube offers the Bites as a treat dispensing extension for the Petcube Play but it costs an additional $250. That makes the combination about twice as expensive as the Kittyo. Now, this will give you two HD cameras, and you can place both in the perfect location. (​High for best view and handling of the laser pointer, low of best treat dispensing). But when we compare the Kittyo vs Petcube (play), Kittyo provides a lot more value for money.

The high resolution camera uses more smartphone data. This is not really a negative but still important to take into account. When you have bad LTE reception or a small data limit, the higer data usage can become a problem.



  • Full HD camera for great video and photos.
  • ​Powerful night vision.
  • Small and sylish, can fit anywhere.
  • Value for money.


  • ​Much more expensive for similar functionality as Kittyo.
  • High data usage due to HD camera.

Conclusion Of Kittyo Vs Petcube Comparison

  • Kittyo has a treat dispenser and Petcube Play has not. This can be a critical feature to get your cat to be come to the camera.
  • Kittyo can attract your cat with noises and lights. We found that these generally work well once we found the ones that resonated with our cat.
  • Both Kittyo and Petcube Play have great cameras. We preferred the Petcube Play because of the night vision and full HD resolution but it did use quite a lot of data.
  • If you want to have the same functionality of Kittyo with Petcube you will be spending a lot more money because you will need the Bites too.

And who is the winner?

We declare Kittyo as the winner here! If you are looking for a cat camera with laser and treat dispenser, for a great price, look no further.

​If ​you don't mind spending over $400 on a pet camera and just want the best, get the Petcube Play with Bites.

We are always looking to provide better information to our readers! Have you tried either one of these? Is there some other aspect that you would like us to compare? ​Please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you.