Trump Dog Toys: Your Dog Needs to Stay Politically Engaged

If you’re a relatively young voter, you might think that the 2016 presidential election is the most bitterly contested political contest in history. Buck up, young voters! We say that every four years about every presidential election!

This year’s crop of candidates has given people of every political persuasion targets that are worthy of ridicule, and that means that as usual, there’s a bumper crop of disparaging novelty products out there. Get your hands on these funny gag gifts before November; no matter how the election turns out a Donald Trump chew toy is going to get a lot less funny after the votes are counted.

Boogie with his Dognald Trump dog toy. From what I gather, Boogie isn't a fan. Please follow @boogiethepug ! #pugsofinstagram #pugs #dognaldtrump

A Range Of Different Options

The idea of a political chew toy for your beloved pets is so obvious that multiple companies struck on the idea more or less simultaneously in 2016. BarkBox, a subscription box company in New York, introduced the Dognald toy and collected a fair amount of social media attention in the process.

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This is far from the only Trump chew toy available to you this year; Vermont-based FUZZU introduced a complete range of political doggie chew toys this year that includes not just Trump but also Bernie and Hillary.

Fuzzu Donald Trump Presidential Parody Dog Toy

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President Donald Trump Durable Dog Chew Toy With Squeaker

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Chomp A Chump Donald Trump Parody Squeaking Dog Toy, 10"

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Best President Donald Trump CHEW TOY DOLL for Pets Dogs and Cats. Realistic Looking Hair, Face, Suit, Tie, Cash in...

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donald trump "bite me " pet chew toy holiday gift

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What You’re Going To Use A Trump Dog Toy For

Let’s be honest here: There’re about two things you’re possibly going to use a trump chew toy for. One is giving it as a gift to your more liberal-leaning friends so they can delight in watching their fluffy friend tear The Donald’s head off. The other is so that you can snap a few dozen pictures of your own liberal canine doing the same.

There’s nothing wrong with these uses, but since they’re even briefer than the usual use you put chew toys to – distracting your dog for a moment or two so that you can do something else – there’s really only one factor you really need to consider when buying a Trump dog toy: The price. The general retail price for such toys seems to be hovering around $16 regardless of manufacturer. You can likely do better if you spend a little time hunting discounts and at we want to help you out.

Quality Factors

If for some crazy reason you want your Trump chew toy to be high quality as well as affordable, you should take a closer look at the construction of the various products on the market before picking one. If you put barkbox heavy chewer up against FUZZU’s, for instance, you can easily see that one is designed for better durability – The Dognald by BarkBox – and the other is intended to look funnier. It’s up to you to match the right toy with your personal priorities.

Keep laughing

The United States has long been unique in the western world thanks to the exceptionally long run time of its presidential elections. In order to hang onto your sanity during the endless cycles of mudslinging and rumor-mongering, it’s important to remember to laugh whenever possible. Investing a modest sum in a Trump chew toy for your dog or your friend’s pooch is a great way to remind yourself and others of just how ridiculous this whole election process is.

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