We’ve all seen those great “feel good” TV commercials where the dog  that’s just been rescued from the shelter and adopted is running  playfully in the park with its new owners. Here are some interesting  graphs showing the trends regarding animal shelter searches.

You can see that interest is to be gradually decreasing, which is bad news for the pets in those shelters.

One of the problems is, many of those stories turn bad when the pet  turns out to be anxious or scared! As long as it’s playing with humans,  or even other cats and dogs, it’s happy and content. But leave it home  alone, and it will eat your couch and tear up your carpet. Taking it  back to the pound seems like such an unfair treatment for a dog that  really has too much love, but is there a solution for pet anxiety? Well,  now maybe there is just that.

What If You Could Call and Play With Your Pet Anytime Of The Day?

The thing about separation anxiety is that it’s not something that  lasts all day, it’s just a couple of times throughout the day when your  pet becomes lonely and needs some attention. Fido goes looking for you  and realizes you’re not home, then takes his anxiety out on your couch,  or something else.

Now, thanks to an innovative product called Petcube,  you can call your dog or cat and view them in HD video while you chat  and talk to them as you normally would. You can also listen because the  sound is two-way audio, so if your dog or cat has something to say, you  can respond.

There is also another great feature so that anyone you give access to  can also talk to your pet several times per day. So, if you have some  stay-at-home parents with nothing better to do, they can chat with your  pet all hours of the day while you’re at work, from wherever they live  or vacation.

If You Like To Share Photos, You Can Capture Them With Petcube

Like most of us, you rarely have your camera ready when there’s a  good photo to be had, but with Petcube’s built-in camera you can capture  a photo to share with friends or family anytime you want, even remotely  while talking to your dog or cat.

Another incredible option is that the Petcube comes with a laser  pointer that will allow you to play with your pet while you’re on a  break at work or any other time. This is a great hit with children that  will spend hours, giving fun exercise to your pet while you’re busy at  work. You can allow all of your friends and family to use the pointer  with just a simple access code and the application. We have a breakdown and review of petcube here

In addition to that, there is a worldwide network of pet lovers that  you can join and allow them to play with your cat or dog while you’re  away. You’ll have complete control over the network access so there’s  never a worry there.

A New Feature Is Petcube For Shelters, A Real Game Changer

This incredible idea, called Petcube for shelters, has several  awesome benefits. It allows future adoptees of shelter pets to play with  them from afar for as long as they want before adoption. This helps  form a bond that will remain in place, while also providing needed  exercise and attention for the prospective adoptee.

Since these feeds can be made available over a wide network of  computer and iPhone users, and then be shared as well, it could help  millions of beautiful shelter pets find homes that they wouldn’t have  otherwise been exposed to. This is a great program, that hopefully can  be expanded nationwide to help needy pets and pet lovers come together  in happiness.

This happy guy was adopted not so long ago.