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Welcome to our review of Petcube Play. This interactive pet camera let’s you play with your cat or dog from a smartphone. You can also use it to make sure your favorite pet is safe when you are away. Here are the subjects we are going to cover:


Petcube Play is shipped in a well protected box with the now famous “Apple Style”. The package contains the few things necessary to get started:

  • The device
  • Cable
  • Quick start Guide
  • Warranty information
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Petcube play is based on petcube camera, but a better in every way

It’s easy to see that how the design of the Petcube Play is based on the original Camera.

And that is a good thing

Because the little cube can be placed in almost any interior and look good.

A lot smaller

The new design is considerably smaller, even though it’s packing more performance. Rounded edges and corners make for a modern and clean look.

Placement options

The best placement is at least 3 feet high and with a clear field of view. The bottom the Petcube Play can be screwed onto a tripod. We like to use it with a Gorilla Pod for almost unlimited placement options.

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Setup was fast and easy, even though we are not the most “tech savy” people.

The most difficult thing we had to do was remember the Wifi password. Once setup, we could configure our preferences through the app.

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Petcube Play Review

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Video Quality

Petcube Play has a much better camera than the earlier version. With a resolution of 1080P and strong night vision, you get a clear image of your pet and room in all conditions.

The infrared LED that creates the night vision is very bright and can easily light up a pitch black room.

Animals don’t care about the infrared light, so you can spy on your cat or dog in all conditions.

The camera is the biggest improvement over the older model, at least in our opinion. The full HD resolution of 1080P makes for great photos and video.

And the night vision let’s you make full use of that.

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Sound Quality

Petcube Play has a high quality microphone and one semi loud speaker.

With these you can clearly hear a dog bark or yelp and a cat meow. The speaker is loud enough to startle a naughty pet and at least get them to stop their behavior. The original Petcube already did great in this respect, so no real change there.

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Smartphone App and interface

petcube play is completely controlled with a smartphone app

Both the Petcube Play and Petcube Camera use the same app.

This app has been improved by the user feedback from 3 years with the original camera and is very stable.

With the app you can access public Petcube cameras. Most of these are running inside animal shelter, and you can use them to pick out a new adoption pet. Thousands of people have used this feature to follow a cat or dog before adoption. There is no longer a need to visit many shelters.

The current system is limited to one device per app.

If you’d like to have multiple cameras set throughout your house, this is a problem. It might be added soon, as other people have been mentioning this in fora and social media. But currently, it’s not possible.

It is, however, possible to add people to the account so that you can have your friends or relatives check up on your pet.

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Laser pointer

The laser pointer is the best part

The laser pointer is what set the original Petcube apart, and has been copied a lot.

For us, this is still our favorite feature!

It works by just tapping the smartphone screen and moving a finger across it. We had a lot of fun with this during our commutes and work-breaks. (And also outside of the breaks:)

The laser has a little bit of a lag behind the video image. It is noticeable but doesn’t interfere with the game at all. Currently, all pet cameras with laser pointer have at least some lag. There are simply too many connections between the smartphone and the device.

The responsiveness of the Petcube Play is the quickest of any we have seen so far.

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Cloud Service.

The cloud service from petcube allows for recording and playback of many HD videos

Petcube offers a cloud storage service to store the streamed video from any of their cameras.

By recording all day, you can always go back and see what happened. Or play an accelerated video in the evening to check for any problems your pet might have.

For $10 per month, they store ten full days of video. Then it’s always possible to look back ten days in time.

Another feature that can help to keep track of things is the alerts and auto-recording. There are three modes to respond to activity near the camera:

  • Record clip and send notification
  • Record clip and don’t send notification
  • Don’t record clips or send notification
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9.3 Total Score

Petcube stays at the top of the market for interactive pet cameras. If you want a state-of-the-art pet camera, with laser pointer and 1080P camera, this is the one to get right now!

Video Quality
Audio Quality
App Interface
Motion And Sound Alerts
Pet Play Functions
  • High Resolution 1080P Camera takes high quality photos and videos, that are great for sharing
  • Smaller and rounded design that easily fits in any interior
  • Responsive laser pointer let's you play with your pet from anywhere
  • Easy integration with Petcube Bites to treat your cat or dog
  • Cloud recording service is not free
  • Requires good internet connection for high res video feed.
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User Feedback

I love it! It's so sleek and small, and the wide angle of the lens gives great coverage! The image is beautiful, and is still impressive in the dark. I got this to help the eldest of my three kitty boys, as our recent move has him a little out of sorts when I am away at work. So far, all three seem to get a kick out of it. 😸It was very easy to set up, and the companion application is fantastic, too.(My photo shows two of them in the dark. I will be getting a mountable tripod to put it somewhere where they won't mess with it. 😋 They were quick to find out where the laser and my voice were coming from. This photo cracks me up.)EDIT:Now that I have a tripod, this camera truly is amazing. The wide angle sees the entire room my boys and I are currently staying in, and the night vision works in total darkness. It gives me wonderful piece of mind.
ByErin - October 29, 2016
I purchased the Petcube Play because I wanted a second monitoring device in our house for when we go on short vacation. My wife and I were quite pleased with the previous Petcube product, and we were excited to try the new features of the Petcube Play - predominately the night vision. With previous camera set ups, we could only view our pets and our home during the day, or if we had left a light on.Improvements with this version are definitely worth the upgrade. The set-up on this version of the Petcube is easier than ever. The app gives a short walk through, and then with 2 clicks, you're connected to your home Wi-Fi network.The HD video is quite apparent. The quality of the image and video is much improved! There is no fuzziness to the images anymore, and everything is clean and crisp. After the first day of set up, while I was at work, I was able to catch our new kitty on the table drinking out of water cups that were left on the table (this is her new habit). I quickly turned the sound on through the app and told her sternly to get off the table. She quickly jumped off the table, and attempted to find out where my voice was coming from :)The night vision is a huge plus. The night-vision immediately kicks in when the lights get too low in the room. It works even when all the lights in the house are out. The night vision image is in grey-scale and looks just as clean and sharp as the color video.The only downside so far is that you can only have one Petcube attached to your account. So in order to get this working, I deactivated my old Petcube from my account, activated the new Petcube on my account, and then assigned the old Petcube to my wife's account. We have set each other as friends and have shared our camera's with each other so we have full control of each camera. It's a decent work around, but it would be more convenient to be able to assign multiple cameras to one account.
Erin - November 6, 2016
It was frustrating to set up. (Things like, I plug it in but it doesn't power on. I repeat and repeat and then on the 7th try it powers on. Bluetooth can't find it. Repeat and repeat and then it's found on the fourth try. Configure your wireless network, then on a subsequent setup screen get asked to configure your wireless again, which was a little confusing.)It's too lacking in information/feedback/control from and on the cube itself. One cryptic LED that's poorly documented (more on that) and only one button that requires a tiny paper clip to press. Said button does... who knows? It doesn't wipe the cube when the cube bricks itself. By the way, my cube bricked itself and there's nothing I can press or do to un-brick it.Mine was usable for a few hours; control of the laser pointer is just too laggy. I found myself just picking up the cube and waving it around like a $1 keychain laser, which I realize now would be a better investment. Two redeeming features are the camera (kinda cool to get random clips of the cat rolling around on the floor while you're away) and the AutoPlay mode, which is part entertaining and part frustrating for the cat. But those features can only redeem if the device itself is functional, which after a few hours mine was not. The LED just flashes orange, which says one thing in documentation if you search for it (nothing that ships with the packaging tells you what the various LED states mean), whereas when I called Tech Support they said it means something else. Either way, that's all it ever does now, and there's nothing I can do but send it back. Don't bother sending me a replacement (which I don't trust to be functional either), its' already too much hassle. Just gonna buy a presentation pointer at an office supply store.
ByTycedi - April 15, 2017
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