Petcube camera is one of the first and most successful  interactive pet cameras on the market today. It has helped people all  over the world stay in touch with their pets at home.


Opening the box is quite uneventful. There is only a small 4” cube inside with a cable and a quick start guide.


Setting up Petbox is about as easy as it gets. We plugged it in, used  the app to connect to the device and entered our Wifi password. If you  would run into any problems, Petcube has a very responsive support desk.  We didn’t get to test it because we didn’t need it.


Video Quality

The  Petcube camera has 720P resolution and streams directly through your  Wifi. The camera gave us a crisp and smooth image with plenty of colors.  The only weakness is that it needs enough light. In darker conditions,  the image quality decreased. You need to keep some lights on to see  anything at night. The new Petcube Play has night vision.

Sound Quality

Being able to talk and listen to your pet requires a good speaker and  microphone. Using our headphones on our phone, we could hear our dogs  walking around. We couldn’t hear our cats, but they walk very softly. We  can’t hear them when we are in the room either. So it’s fair to say  that the sound quality is good enough to make it seem that you are  actually in the room. Without headphones, the sound level of your  surroundings play a big part in how much you can hear.

Web Interface and Smartphone App

Petcube  comes with an app for both IOS and Android. It’s immediately clear that  the engineers took great care to create an intuitive and stable app. We  never had any problems. It’s easy to start recording and take  snapshots. The images and video have great quality as long as it’s not  too dark. This is a great way to make video’s and photos of your pets  that you just can’t get when you are in the room.

Laser pointer to play

What sets the Petcube camera apart is its laser pointer that can be  controlled through any smartphone or the website. It is designed and  tested to be safe for pets, so you don’t hurt their eyes. We had a lot  of fun with this game. Our cat is pretty crazy about laser pointers.  Controlling the movement is very straightforward and takes little time  to learn. The laser pointer reacts responsively with little to no lag.  This is essential to get your pet to chase it.

Shelter program

The Company Has Introduced A Petcube For Shelters Program
This is a new, and possibly game changing way to help connect shelter  cats and dogs with new owners. One of the problems with most shelters is  that there are far too many abandoned pets and too few people wanting  to adopt.

But, by placing Petcubes in the shelters and allowing their access to  be shared freely, many more animals have a higher chance of adoption  than in the past. Prospective animal adopters can play with their future  pet for as long as they’d like before they decide to adopt, creating a  lasting bond that will endure.

Since the access to the shelter pets is nationwide, and even  worldwide, the number of pets that can find good owners should  eventually soar, with far fewer being euthanized for lack of a good  home.

To sum it up


  • The first really successful interactive Pet camera
  • Solid performance
  • Solid and intuitive app
  • Cool design


  • No night vision
  • No treat dispenser

If you want to have fun with your cat or dog while away from home,  then the Petcube Camera is our recommendation for amazing value and  solid performance.

For pet owners from the UK, we have a small post with the best places to buy a Petcube from the UK