Many people have very busy jobs that take them to various meetings at  different locations throughout the day, then attend an informal dinner,  plus a few drinks afterward. The problem is, the entire time they’re  having a good time, their faithful best friend, their dog or cat,  is at home waiting by the door. It can be hard to do your job and still  be positive in your outlook if you keep thinking about your pet, so  entrepreneurs have invented clever ways to stay in touch using modern  technology. One of those is Barkbox (is Barkbox worth it) and the other is Petcube, which you can read about here.

If You’re An Overprotective Pet Owner, PetCube Can Help

Pet parenting is one of those things that can tend to overwhelm us,  especially when we’ve just started out with a young puppy or kitten.  They are so adorable, and they love us at least as well as anyone else  in our lives. During If you keep your vet on speed dial, you just might  be an overprotective pet parent.

A great invention called the Petcube can help alleviate some of the  anxiety you experience as you eat dinner with your friends after work,  since you’ll be able to chat with your cat or dog via your SmartPhone  while viewing them on the Petcube built-in camera.

It’s a good way to keep your connection to your pet active throughout  the day, anytime you’re on a break or between meetings you can just  dial up your pet and have a quick conversation. You’ll be able to see  your pet while you’re talking, which is the most comforting part.

Petcube Setup Is A Breeze With Your iOS Or Android Device

One of the great things about your Petcube setup is that if you have  any problems whatsoever, they have excellent customer service available.  This is evidenced on many of the customer reviews that are available  online, where customers have had problems, the Petcube staff is right  there and quickly.

During our review of the Petcube pet monitor,  the setup involved registering our camera and downloading the Petcube  application to our phone, the application is available on Google Play or  Apple App store, for free. Once you’ve done that, you simply must plug  in your Cube and wait for it to scan for signals, about 30 seconds, then  login to your Petcube account.

Once you’re in your account, just head for ‘home’ by clicking the  logo in the upper left corner and you’ll be taken to the menu where you  can ‘Connect to Petcube Camera’. After you follow several onscreen  steps, your camera’s LED light will change from red to white and you  should be connected and ready to chat. Of course, you should try the  connection out several times while you’re still at home to make sure  everything is working before you head to work.

You Should Leave A Light On In The Room For Best Results

In reading the  online reviews it’s pointed out that for best results  you should remember to leave a light on in the room where the Petcube  is located in order for the camera to perform at its peak. You can use  an automatically operated light that only comes on at dusk in order to  save on energy.

The Petcube Also Comes With A Laser Pointer

cats can't resist the petcube laser pointer

One  of the best and most innovative features of the Petcube is its laser  pointer which is especially handy if you have cats.  You can sit at your  desk and have hours of fun letting your cat chase the pointer around  the room while your office co-workers look over your shoulder. Luckily  the camera provided comes with a wide-angle lens that is able to see a  lot of the room in order to make playing with the laser easier.

In reading the online pet toy reviews it appears that many people are especially pleased with the sleek  aluminum case which is about 4 inches square and looks good sitting  about anywhere in the home.

The other cool feature is that you can put your account on public  share, then complete strangers can entertain themselves and your pet  while you’re busy doing other things. This is like having a free  babysitter ready and able nearly all hours of the day.

If you’re in need of seeing, chatting and playing with your pet  several times a day while you’re away, there is nothing more fun that a  Petcube. Your pet will love it, but it will also relieve some of the  anxiety you and your pet share while you are separated each day.

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