One of the biggest guilt trips that dog and cat owners in the modern world face is what’s going on with their favorite pet while they are away at work.

Is there no other way?

Well, you might have seen the Petzi Treat Cam featured on Sharktank. It is a way for you to treat your dog and see it on camera as often as you’d like from wherever you are on the planet, as long as you have a smartphone. The interaction is actually two way because you can talk through a little speaker and give treats.

By doing this you will be able to:

  • Help out your dog if it is suffering from separation anxiety. You might think that is a little exaggerated but veterinarian science has proven many pets suffer from this.
  • Keep it from becoming bored and take out that frustration on your furniture. Many dogs are very stimulus driven in their behavior. When they are left alone in a closed of home they have real problems determining what to do. Some react by just sleeping all day, but others can’t. These are the pets that pee on the couch, rip the curtains or howl and bark a lot.
  • Take a little break from work and interact with your pet. This is a great way to relax and also do something useful. The health benefits of spending time with pets have been very well documented. While a smartphone is not as good as actually being around them, you will definitely feel more relaxed.

Smartphones And Tablets Can Connect For Free

So it works with a free app  that you can get and install on your smartphone or tablet, then, what you’re all set up you merely the see button to access the camera on your Petzi treat dispenser, or speak if you’d like to say a few words to your best friend on the built-in  speaker.

You’ll be able to see how happy your pet is to hear your voice while wondering exactly where you are, but they’ll also come to expect a treat that you can give to them by hitting the treat button on the handy application. You can also capture and store any  images and save them for sharing later or print them up on your printer as you see fit. So you can build lasting memories while getting your pet through those long lonely days at home.

You Can Also Share Your Account With Friends And Family

One great way to keep your pet happy is to share your account details with other people that your pet might recognize such as your children, your parents, or even some of the neighbors. Then, several times throughout the day they can also access your Petzi app and have a conversation with your dog and then finish it off with a treat.

In addition to that, Petzi has a social network already set up where you can share photos of your pet and allow others to access the application throughout the day so they can keep Rover occupied while you’re busy at work. Since you have complete control over this access you never need to worry about unwanted visitors to your cam.

A Lot of Early Adopters Are Ecstatic

Apparently, this is a product that should’ve been invented years ago due to all the pent-up demand that people have for a  way to talk to their pets when they’re not at home. The sharks from Sharktank did see how this product is fulfilling a great need.

Many people remarked that their dog tended to become lonely when left home for extended periods during the day and would eventually get into the garbage, chew on shoes, or cause other types of mischief.

But, with several calls a day that includes treats, the dog wouldn’t suffer from the separation anxiety and be good all day long without any problems.  People also commented that because the product was very portable and could be moved into nearly any room, they were able to  try different locations in the house to find the best one suitable for their dogs.

If you have pets that you need to leave at home for extended periods during the day then you know how guilty you feel when you get home only to find them happily smiling at you as if they had been waiting all day long. With a Petzi Treat Cam you can check on them throughout the day, talk to them when you want to, and serve them up treats to keep them happy as many times as you’d like.

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