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Reviewing the tether tug dog toy

Tether Tug

[wpsm_toggle title=”Compare LIVE Prices”] [content-egg-block template=custom/all_offers_list next=15] [/wpsm_toggle] [wpsm_toplist h3] Introduction Does your dog love to play tug? But you don’t want to spend hours playing and exercising? Then the Tether Tug might be the solution. It’s a dog toy specifically for playing tug. And you don’t need to have your arm pulled out. A […]

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Petbot monitors and trains your pet for you

Petbot – Advanced Connected Dog Trainer

Training dogs isn’t something that most people see as fun. In fact, many people see dog training as a long and frustrating challenge. However, there are a few things you can do that will make dog training a lot more pleasant. One of the things you can do invest in the PetBot smart pet monitor. […]

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Rating pawbo, the pet camera with treats and lasers


[wpsm_toplist h3] As you have likely noticed, the market for pet monitoring devices is really starting to blow up.  The features of these devices are as diverse as are their price and quality.  One product that sticks out as a top option is the Pawbo which we will review here. Users are pretty much all […]

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puppod, the toy for smart dogs

The Puppod Interactive Dog Toy, Because Dogs Aren’t Stupid

Most dog owners don’t just believe that their dogs are aware, they know it. Regardless of what others may say about dogs simply being just another species of animal, dog owners know that their dogs are sentient beings. Dogs experience emotions that range from joy to sadness to anger and boredom. According to recent scientific […]

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Cleverpet Release Date: When can Your dog start Playing Video Games?

If you are up to date on Pet Gadgets, you might be wondering what the release date will be for the Cleverpet. This will be the latest toy for keeping your cat or dog healthy and entertained. It’s going to work similar to a video game with cookies. The Cleverpet has just finished a very […]

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Investors and customers alike are raving about the Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam from Sharktank: Relieving Separation Anxiety among Pets

[wpsm_toplist] One of the biggest guilt trips that dog and cat owners in the modern world face is what’s going on with their favorite pet while they are away at work. Is there no other way? Well, you might have seen the Petzi Treat Cam featured on Sharktank. It is a way for you to […]

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Keeping your dog active and happy

Cleverpet Hub

[wpsm_toplist h3] CleverPet is a new, interactive learning console for training and keeping your dog engaged indoors. Originally, dogs were domesticated for working and when most modern dogs are left all by themselves at home with little to do they tend to get lonely and bored thus leading to destructive behavior. The console aims to […]

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Using this app it's possible to connect to your dog at home from anywhere

Petzi Treat Cam App: Introducing Smartphone Technology for Pets

[wpsm_toplist h3] The Petzi Treat Cam app provides some unique possibilities for dog owners. This article will discuss what it is, who should consider buying it, where to buy it and what its features are. With that said, read on to learn more about this product and then you can buy it. What Is The […]

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Camera and Treat Dispenser by Petzi

Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam is a device to see, talk and treat your dog at home with a smartphone app while you are away. It’s currently the cheapest available device in this category. [wpsm_toplist h3] About A Dog Let me share a little story about Dee to show you how this device can help pets and […]

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GoBone Dog Toy: Review, Buyers Guide, Rating

You have probably heard about GoBone and now you’re wondering where to buy it. If you want to know where to buy a GoBone, how much it costs and why you might want it, then read on. Afterwards, you can decide whether or not you should buy it. Where To Buy It Gobone is now […]

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