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Reviewing the Furbo Pet camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Update February 2018: Furbo has updated their popular dog camera. It now comes with Artificial Intelligence so it learns to recognize your dog. That means it will be able to alert you whenever your dog is unhappy or in distress. It also comes with a better quality camera that can now record in full 1080P. […]

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Pawbo Plus

Have you ever wondered what your dog does during the day when you are traveling or away at work? If so, you are not alone. In the past, sophisticated electronic alarm systems sold to the fortunate few were the only way to keep a remote eye on Fido and his friendly cohorts. Or, as some […]

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petcube and kittyo play devices compared

Kittyo Vs Petcube: The Final Battle Between The Smart Cat Cameras

​Maybe you want to spend more time with your cat, maybe you want to check up on them when you are away…An interactive cat camera ​can be the perfect solution but there are ​a lot of options. Kittyo and Petcube are some of the best in the field but they ​are still very different.  At […]

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puppod, the toy for smart dogs

The Puppod Interactive Dog Toy, Because Dogs Aren’t Stupid

Most dog owners don’t just believe that their dogs are aware, they know it. Regardless of what others may say about dogs simply being just another species of animal, dog owners know that their dogs are sentient beings. Dogs experience emotions that range from joy to sadness to anger and boredom. According to recent scientific […]

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Cleverpet Release Date: When can Your dog start Playing Video Games?

If you are up to date on Pet Gadgets, you might be wondering what the release date will be for the Cleverpet. This will be the latest toy for keeping your cat or dog healthy and entertained. It’s going to work similar to a video game with cookies. The Cleverpet has just finished a very […]

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Investors and customers alike are raving about the Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam from Sharktank: Relieving Separation Anxiety among Pets

[wpsm_toplist] One of the biggest guilt trips that dog and cat owners in the modern world face is what’s going on with their favorite pet while they are away at work. Is there no other way? Well, you might have seen the Petzi Treat Cam featured on Sharktank. It is a way for you to […]

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Using this app it's possible to connect to your dog at home from anywhere

Petzi Treat Cam App: Introducing Smartphone Technology for Pets

[wpsm_toplist h3] The Petzi Treat Cam app provides some unique possibilities for dog owners. This article will discuss what it is, who should consider buying it, where to buy it and what its features are. With that said, read on to learn more about this product and then you can buy it. What Is The […]

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Camera and Treat Dispenser by Petzi

Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam is a device to see, talk and treat your dog at home with a smartphone app while you are away. It’s currently the cheapest available device in this category. [wpsm_toplist h3] About A Dog Let me share a little story about Dee to show you how this device can help pets and […]

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Petcube Bites new product for pet owners

Petcube Bites

In July of 2016, Petcube launched a Kickstarter page to fund a new interactive camera that helps you care for your pets even from afar. With a proposed budget of $200,000, the company hoped to launch the Petcube Bites treat dispenser. [wpsm_toplist] Interactive Pet Cameras Help Owners Stay Closer To Their Cats And Dogs It’s […]

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unboxing of icpooch

Interact With Your Favorite Pet While Away, An iCPooch Review And Overview

If you’re like most dog lovers, you worry about your best friend several times a day.  Is he lonely without you, and does he have enough to eat? Well, thanks to a 12 year old Shark Tank entrepreneur named Brooke Martin, you can now chat with your dog as often as you’d like with her […]

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