Have you ever wanted to comfort your lonely pet when you  were away from home? Then you have probably heard of the Icpooch. It  allows you to Skype with your dog from anywhere in the world. And on top  of that you can dispense treats at the push of a button. In another  post we looked at all the all the nice functionality of the Icpooch.  Here we are going to take a look at the treats specifically

Treat requirements

The Icpooch dispenses treats from a tray that can hold a multiple of treats depending on their size. Two trays are available

You can use a lot of different treats with the Icpooch. They can be  shaped like round or square cookies, or like kibbles for smaller pets.  The treats are stored in an internal sleeve inside the device. The  smaller kind of treats can be stored inside little containers that stack  in the sleeve to make sure they can dispensed correctly.

The cookies style treats can be loaded without any  extra measures on  top of each other. Any kind of cookies can be used as long as they are  relatively even shaped. You will be able to give you dog the cookies  they prefer.

Icpooch has two different sized sleeves that allow you to deliver the following sized cookies:

  • Large: cookies that fit inside a circle of 1.75 to 2″ diameter. With  a thickness of approzimately .25″ you can fit around 15 cookies in the  container.
  • Small: cookies that fit inside a circle of .8 to 1″ diameter.  Because the height of the container is the same you can also fit around  15 cookies in this container too.

The dish containers for smaller treats fit inside the larger of the  two sleeves. These are also stacked on top of each other. It’s possible  to fit 15 of these in the Icpooch sleeve too.

A few tips regarding Icpooch treats

Some dogs are very resourceful when it comes to finding their  cookies. I have seen them climb onto tables and open closet doors. It  won’t take long before your dog knows where the treats are. So if your  dog has destructive tendencies it is safest to place you Icpooch in a  location that is unreachable by your dog. You can do this by placing it  on a shelf or in an open closet. When you remove the front tray the  treats just fall to the ground.

You can make your own treats.

The  Icpooch will dispense anything that has the right size. Every pet has  their favorite treats, that make them really go wild. And just like  humans, some pets don’t like manufactured food that much. So if yours is  more into home cooking you can make your own treat. Just shape them to  fit in either of the Icpooch’s containers and make sure they are not too  sticky. Then you can dispense anything.

Hopefully this post gives you some extra information about the treats  for your Icpooch. And if you have any good or bad experiences or tips,  leave them in the comments. We are always looking forward to some  interaction.