Playdate is going to raise the bar when it comes to  technology for your pet. It allows you to play through basically any  internet connection from anywhere. The device comes in the form of a  clear ball with a camera inside. But this is going to be more than just a  ball as it’s able to roll and steer.

That is right, you can control a rolling ball with your smartphone  through internet. The camera inside will be actively stabilized for a  great view whether moving or stationary. On top of that you can talk and  listen. And make squeaky sounds, because that really makes a pet toy  complete:). Of course you will be able to take snapshots and record  videos of all the crazy moves of your dog or cat.

Another great feature will be the strong poly carbonate shell. This  type of plastic is very strong and also used to make bulletproof lenses  and windows. On top of that it will be replaceable at a low cost.  Because many dog owners will feel a little apprehensive to throw an  expensive gadget for the dogs.

Only available on pre order for $169 (discount)

Currently the Playdate smart ball is still being tested and  developed. According to the company it will be available by December  2016. If you want to be among the first to have it you will need to be  fast. Because there is only a limited number of pre order units left.  The price for early adopters will be $169 or you can get two for $299.  This a considerable discount from the expected retail price of $249. But  it does mean you will have to pledge your money now and wait for a  couple of months. The Smart ball will come in two sizes, 3″ and 4″ to  make sure that your pet can have maximum fun.

In order to get your unit pre ordered you will have to go to their Indiegogo page.  Here you can sign up or in and enter your payment information. After  that you will be contacted by Playdate to choose your smart ball size  and delivery information.

So, this is what we know about the price of the Playdate Smart Ball for  now. As we get more information we will update this post to keep you  informed.