You might have seen the Icpooch on Kickstarter. Or on the  legendary episode of Shark Tank where a 12 Year old girl got massive  funding. It is a great device to monitor and play with your pet from  anywhere. So anybody is keen to stay in touch with their cat or dog  should take a look at the Icpooch. It’s works like a Skype for your pet.  You place a camera with video screen on the ground and then the fun  starts. The device is controlled through a smartphone or tablet app.

Setting up the Icpooch app.

Step 1, Create Account

You can find the app in the Google Play store or Apple App store. It  downloads and install itself in a few seconds. Once you have done that  you need to open the app to get started. First you have to create an  account by filling in your name, email and creating a password. (Make  sure to choose a nice password and remember it). You need to create an  account in order to be able to access the Icpooch from anywhere.

Step 2, Connect The Device To The Internet

After you created the account you need to get the device connected to  the internet. The configuration is done through your smartphone. First  you enter the information for you WIFI (name and password) in the app.  Then the app will send it to you Icpooch device. You simply hold the  phone with the screen to the bottom of the camera and the information is  send. After doing this you might have to wait a bit for your Icpooch to  update.

Step 3, Test The Connection

If  everything went well then you are now able to get a view from the  camera through your smartphone. Now you need to test the voice  transmission and treat dispensing. This is very easy, just put in next  to your friend or family member and talk to them from a distance. You  can also dispense a few treats for them:)


If you have multiple devices connected to your Icpooch you can make  free video call between them. This option becomes available whenever you  have two or more compatible devices connected. It’s pretty cool, even  though you probably already have a free video calling functionality on  your phone or tablet.

You can use many different treats in the Icpooch, as long as they  have the correct size and are not too sticky. Of course there are the  usual dog treats that are you get from every pet store. But you can also  change it up a little to keep your pet interested. The Icpooch just  throws out the object, whatever it is. So you might be able to fit a  small squeaky toy in it.

Or put the device high on a closet and fill it with bouncing balls.  Your cat or dog won’t know what hit them. Have fun with experimenting.

Hopefully this post helped you to set up your Icpooch app and have a  ton of fun with it. You can check out the site for more info, reviews  and tips on the Icpooch pet video with treat dispenser.