As you can see from the graph below, the US has the highest interest in  home security systems in the world. And for good reasons. Burglars and  thieves are getting more and more inventive and home owners need to  protect themselves

If you want to give them a real good surprise you could build something like this:

"The Blob" Home Security Method

Now you will probably find “The Blob” to be a bit on the drastic side  of home security solutions. There are easier and more subtle ways. A  wide variety of WiFi based cameras is available nowadays and some can be  used for more than just security.

PetCube works as a smart cat toy or smart dog toy and includes a wide lens camera so you can see inside of your home. You  can access the video stream from your smartphone. The device allows you  to listen to what is going on in your home and to talk to your pet.
You can also play with your pet thanks to a built-in laser that can be  controlled from your smartphone. You can use PetCube to capture photos  and videos and more than one user can have access to the device so that  everyone in your family can check on your beloved pet.

Pets Need Security Too

You can use PetCube to keep an eye on your pet while you are away from  home. This is great if you are worried about a new puppy being alone at  home or want to know if your dog does things they are not supposed to do  when you are not home.PetCube security features can also bring you peace of mind since you can  use the video stream to see what is going on in your home. The audio  gives you the possibility to hear what is going on as well.You can use PetCube security to make sure your pet is safe and in good health.  Being able to see and hear what is going on when you are away is great  if you have an older pet or are worried about the health of your cat or  dog.

Keep Track Of Kids

You can also use this device to see what your children are doing when  you are away from home or to keep an eye on a new babysitter. Having  access to video and audio streams could also be helpful if your home  gets broken into.
PetCube (review here)  is perfect if you have to leave your pet alone at home all day. This  device is also an interesting way to make your home safer by allowing  you to see and hear what is going on. Besides, your children will be far  less likely to do things they are not supposed to if they know you can  see them via the PetCube.

This pet camera is great if you miss your dog or your cat while you are  away from home and it will also provide you with peace of mind whenever  you are worried about your children or simply want to check on your  home. This is perfect if you have to work long hours or want to go out  with your friends without having to worry about your children.You should get a PetCube if you have a pet or if you need a way to keep an eye on what is going on inside of your home.