Sometimes dogs don’t get enough exercise due to their  owners having a busy schedule. They may not get enough exercise due to  living in a small apartment. However, it’s still important to ensure  your dog gets plenty of exercises, which is easy to do with the GoBone  from Kickstarter.

Your tablet or smartphone can be used to manage the device because it  connects to Wifi. It features an automatic mode, which means it  automatically tries to play with your pet. Or you can actively steer the  Gobone through while looking through the camera, providing lots of fun  and interesting screen shots. You might even be able to check the status  of your dog’s teeth:).

Find out here how to buy the Gobone Smart Dog Toy, both as pre-order, and after the official launch.

GoBone Kickstarter Project Plans To Activate Your Pet

Your dog will not be bored with the toy, and it will keep your dog  active throughout most of the day. GoBone rolls around and encourages  your dog to move, and there are a lot of options to adjust it to your  particular dog.

The toy is designed to adapt the way it interacts with your pet. It  starts to play very gently and looks for feedback. When it detects that  your dog is into it, it will start to play more aggressively and active.  What algorithm they are using to determine that your dog is playing is  not known. They have tested the device extensively.

But the purpose is clear, keep your dog moving throughout the day, matter how old or lazy he/she is. .

This toy is ideal for those who live in small apartments. Small  spaces are not the perfect place for dogs to get a lot of exercise, but  this toy changes things. You might have to make sure that the floor is  clear of obstacles.

If you’re away for long periods of the day or you work all day long,  then you probably don’t have time to play with your dog. If that’s the  case, then get the GoBone because it will keep your dog entertained,  whether you’re home or not. Dogs must get some form of exercise and  stimulation because if they don’t, then they may become depressed and  overweight.

How it’s going to work

The GoBone is simple to use, as all you have to do to turn it on is  tap it twice. The battery should last the entire day. Not only that, but  you can download an app and then control the toy when you’re not  around.

This product is fun and will provide hours of entertainment for your  dog. It can also impact your dog’s health in a positive way. If your dog  is inactive throughout most of the day, then you should consider  getting one. The Project is now fully funded through Kickstarter and production is going to commence. You can still pre-order your  Gobone now and get it for $169 instead of the projected price of $299.

You should consider getting this product for your dog because it is fun and it is safe and durable. Your dog will love the GoBone and they will be active and get exercise during the day. Remember, when  you get this product, then you’ll be able to play with your pet even  when you’re not around.

You and your dog will love it, and as soon as you get it, all you  have to do is spend a little time learning how to use it, which is easy  to do, and before you know it, your dog will be playing and getting  plenty of exercise, thanks to the GoBone. Find the best places where the  Gobone is for sale here.