Kittyo is a new and innovative way to keep your cat happy and active while you are away from home. It works by letting you play, watch, talk and dispense treats for you cat from a smartphone app. The first units for the crowdfunding backers have been delivered in July 2016 and both owners and pets are enjoying them a lot. If you want to buy one of these cool new products you can’t just walk to the pet store.

Current LIVE Price Comparison

We will update this post as soon as they become available from more places such as Amazon or other large online retailers. Be aware that the units available now are still from the first production run. They work most of the time but can sometimes have problems. These problems will become more and more sorted through firmware updates and revisions to the products.

Many people have received Kittyo’s and are very happy with them. Here is a little video from Mr Ian Roach, recorded with the Kittyo App

Videos of Kittyo

Pay extra attention if you live in EU

Several customers and backers from certain EU countries have experienced problems with customs. Reported countries so far are: Germany and Sweden

  • The CE certification sticker is hidden behind a panel on the bottom and bright officials have been unable to find it.
  • The device is delivered with a 110V power adapter, so it can be classified as a not workable product. And you will need a converter or different power adapter,
  • Often the customs will require an additional fee to be paid before the product can enter the country. There might be some problem with the tax not being registered correctly between Kittyo company and customs offices.

Even though some people have had serious problems like these, others have received their Kittyo without any. But it’s good to be aware that these things can arise and avoid unnecessary frustration.